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Closing the Loop Series

The Multicultural Infusion Project and the Office of Mentoring and Service Learning present:
Engage, Inquire & Learn
Exploring a More Meaningful SLO Process for All

Presented by Jessica Williams and Tracy Burt

This series of workshops exploring different aspects of Closing the Loop will provide opportunities for cross-discipline dialogue, access to practical tools and a supportive community to explore our practice together. You are welcome to attend just one workshop, or all. Workshops may be taken alone or together.

Spring 2013 events

Friday, April 12 -- 2:30-5:00 pm -- MUB 251

Spotlight on High Impact Practices: Undergraduate Research and Internships
Join us for a deeper dive exploration of undergraduate research and internships.  We will share examples from local and national programs - including examples of undergraduate research and internships thriving here at CCSF. We will share how these practices help students acquire the skills they need to succeed by putting theory into practice-- and how these "high impact practices" are especially effective at leveling the playing field for underrepresented students.   


  • Jessica Williams, Office of Mentoring and Service Learning, Multicultural Infusion Project, Social Science Faculty
  • Ying-Tsu Loh, Bridge to Bioscience Internship Program, Biotechnology Faculty, Department of Engineering and Technology
  • Tracy Burt, Multicultural Infusion Project Coordinator, Child Development Faculty

Please RSVP to Tracy Burt (tburt@ccsfedu).
Independent Flex Credits will be available.


Fall 2012 events

High Impact Practices

Presented by Jessica Williams and Tracy Burt

Monday, February 11th, 2:30-4:30 pm -- High Impact Practices -- Mission Campus -- Room 154

Tuesday, March 5th, 2:30-5 pm -- Ocean Campus -- MUB 255.

Join us to learn about High Impact Practices (HIPs) that have been shown to raise the level of student learning for all students - with underrepresented students demonstrating the most notable gains. The HIPs positively impact both SLOs and student achievement. The first part of the workshop will review and explore HIPs like Capstone Projects, Undergraduate Research and Internships and the second part of the workshop will involve practical steps for implementing them your work with students.

Some comments from the workshop participants:

  • "Beyond (my expectations)! I feel more enthusiastic about SLOs."
  • "I'm excited to implement new concrete practices with my students."
  • "We formed a faculty team to build on and refine existing assignments and plan to continue developing High Impact Practices in our work with students."


Rubrics with a Twist

Facilitated by Tracy Burt and Jessica Williams

Friday, November 9th, 2:30 to 5:30, MUB 251

What is the twist?  When we talk about rubrics we're talking about lifting up our students so that they can achieve.  This workshop will be practical for closing the loop and allowing faculty to dialog across disciplines on ways to keep student learning at the center in the process.  Come and check out the amazing toolkit put together by the AAC&U to help empower faculty to make the assessment process meaningful and aligned with our values and the needs of our students. 

To give context to the workshop the following question was framed:

How Can We Raise Students' Level of Learning?

1. How do we help students actually achieve the forms of learning that serve them best, in the economy, in civic society, and in their own personal and family lives?

2. How do we effectively raise the levels of accomplishment for all students, with special attention to those whose life circumstances-first generation, low income-may put them at particular educational risk?

TEN SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE WORKFORCE | Full Doc at Apollo Research Institute



Participants: 18 from a variety of departments and disciplines.

Not just what students learn, but how they learn it

Facilitated by Mary Bravewoman, Tracy Burt and Jessica Williams

September 12th, 2-4 pm

How do we raise the level of students' learning and connect it to student achievement? Join us for a dialogue about how we can use the reflective practice embedded in Closing the Loop to improve student retention, engagement, learning and achievement. We will introduce strategies shown to increase student success including High Impact Practices, Essential Learning Outcomes and Deep Integrative Learning Practices, tools created by the American Association of Colleges and Universities.