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Preparing for the Accreditation Visiting Team

Thursday March 21 -- 3:30-5 pm -- S5 -- FLEX CREDIT: I.S13-850
Wednesday April 3 -- 5-6:30 pm -- S45 -- FLEX CREDIT: I.S13-851


  • Kathleen Mitchell, CSCD SLO Coordinator
  • Gohar Momjian, Accreditation Officer (April 3 only)
  • Katryn Wiese, College SLO Coordinator

Workshop outcomes:

After attending this workshop, participants will

  • Understand better how to prepare for upcoming accreditation visiting team campus visit
  • Be more aware of what to expect while the team is on campus
  • Understand more about what's been happening across the college in terms of program imrprovements linked to SLOs and service/administrative outcomes

Tentative agenda:

The Visiting Team                       

  • Composition of The Team
  • Their Purpose
  • Usual Encounters & Inquiries

Overview of SLO Accomplishments       

  • Counseling SLOs
  • Administrative Unit Learning Outcomes (AUOs) including Student Services
  • Course SLOs
  • Instructional Programs (PSLOs)

Possible Questions & Forming Answers   

  • Areas Typically Asked About
  • Sample Questions
  • Formulating Answers

Types of Evidence                

  • Storing Evidence (hard copy and online storage)
  • Introducing & Referencing Evidence in Conversation
  • Must-Know-About Websites

Examples & Discussion            

  • Break into small groups with different program representation
  • Choose a typical question, and take turns answering in ways that reflect knowledge of your program SLOs and of the college-wide culture of SLO assessment

Summary and conclusion