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SLO BASICS: Be on the look out for announcements on this SHORT COURSE Short, helpful workshop teaches effective design of SLOs & PSLOs, how to assess, and use data to make meaningful change and report results by the June 1st deadline. 

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Ongoing Drop-In Help Labs

Tuesdays 2-3 pm Cloud Hall 208B (Fall 2014)

Seek guidance on:

  • SLOs -- refining them, assessing them, analyzing data, considering course or program improvements, and reporting those both in the Aug 31/Jan 31 reports as well as in the annual program review documents. 
  • Program Review -- Linking SLOs to program impacts, resource requests, and improvements
  • Course Outlines -- Updating them to ensure currency, and getting them through the Curriculum Committee
  • Department/Program web pages -- Updating them to ensure currency and making them usable by your faculty, staff, and students

Notable Presentations and Readings


Cox, Rebecca. "It Was Just that I Was Afriad": Promoting Succees by Addressing Students' Fear of Failure. Community College Review (2009) 52-80

Diego Navarro's presentation at Strengthening Student Success Conference. Measuring the Affective Domain, Oct 10, 2014. 




Future suggestions for brown bags or workshops

  • Making Assessments Authentic -- bring your assessments and work with others to refine and improve them, so they can provide more useful data in a sustainable way with existing resources
  • Developing Video resources -- a review of a variety of video-making tools available for developing additional resources for training, classroom, and more. Tools reviewed will include Jing, Camtasia Studio, YouTube, PowerPoint and more
  • A survey of survey tools -- what's out there? -- A review of tools such as Google Forms, Moodle, Turnitin, Survey Monkey, Scantrons,, and more
  • Using Standardized Forms to Communicate Results -- a review of online CCSF forms and department-specific and customized forms used across the college to aid coordination
  • Making Outcomes Valuable Workshop -- bring your outcomes and work with others to refine and improve them, so they can better guide your service, course, or program
  • Coordinating course SLOs across multiple instructors
  • Assessing Programs -- take II -- what we can learn from CTE departments