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December 19, 2012 College-Wide SLO Update

Two reports are due to the ACCJC Accreditation Team by March 15:

  • Show Cause Report
  • SLO Report

To help us gather the data we need (proof of all the good work we've been doing on the SLO front), we need each unit to complete online "snapshot" reports -- a snapshot of what you did in Fall 2012 and what you plan to do in Spring 2013.

Whatever plans and results you have -- grand or minor -- we need to hear by January 31st.

Online reports exist for all areas of the college and all kinds of outcomes (student learning outcomes for courses, programs, and counseling; and service outcomes for student development and administrative service units). For reporting purposes and ease of use, the online "snapshot" reporting forms are all identical in their layout, format, and types of question (and are based on what courses and instructional programs completed in August 2012 ).

Outcomes Assessment -- Fall 2012 Review and Spring 2013 Plans -- online reporting forms can be found on web pages devoted to these areas:

Want help? Review the electronic document version (overview of online reporting form format and questions).

Other Spring 2013 plans include:

Thanks everyone for stepping up and helping us meet our SLO accreditation requirements. This task is possible only because of the work each and every one of you does.

Happy Holidays!

Katryn Wiese
CCSF SLO Coordinator

December 12, 2012 College-Wide SLO Update Email

An immense amount of effort has happened this semester on the SLO front by all of us across the college -- instructors, counselors, librarians, staff, department chairs, the Office of Instruction, the Curriculum Committee, and more. The effort has been shouldered by all of us and covered many tasks: assessments, planning, reporting, program reviews, program-level outcomes development and refinement, general-education outcomes mapping, departmental and interdepartmental dialogue, curriculum-committee reviews, and professional development workshops. Congratulations on an immense feat completed!

Result: We’ve successfully strengthened the foundation of our college-wide continuous cycle of course, program, and service assessment, review, and refinement. 

Good news for SLO online reporting forms: starting in Spring, there will be just one form to complete each semester, at the beginning of the semester, for each course, program, and service. In that form, you will report on your previous semester activities and your current semester plans. As assessment activities happen continually throughout the semester, be sure to keep track of your efforts in your own records (see website for sample templates). (For faculty and chairs who haven't yet entered Fall course and program assessment activities updates into online reporting forms, keep your records, and enter summaries into the January form.)

For those who want more details of what's ahead, read further:

See the website (www.ccsf.edu/slo) for detailed timelines and assessment activities for Spring 2013:

Other Spring 2013 plans include:

  • Weekly professional development workshops, starting with the Jan. 11 flex event (schedule online)
  • Monthly highlights pages of good things coming out of outcomes assessment across the college.
  • Feedback form and survey 
  • Drop-in help sessions every week throughout the semester

Over break, please take a well-deserved rest. Here's hoping we can all come back in Spring with renewed spirit and energy.

Katryn Wiese
CCSF SLO Coordinator

December 5, 2012 College-Wide SLO Update Email

As we finish a busy semester, take a deep breath and plan some time over the break to rest. On the outcomes-assessment front, keep focusing on the goal of why we are all here: producing an environment, services, and courses that promote excellence in student learning. In fact, though some of you might not yet believe it, and ALL of us are exhausted, SLOs and outcomes assessment will, eventually, make our jobs easier and our efforts more valuable. Don’t believe me? Join us on Spring Flex for a presentation that makes that case. If we’re not there yet, that’s the direction we’re moving. Just keep moving forward -- one step at a time.

Meanwhile.... a review of end-of-semester Fall tasks for everyone:

Help your department or program complete program review and post it to your assessment website (by December 7). Program review is a review and planning document that demonstrates our focus on improved student learning.

Continue to carefully evaluate your courses and services. Make notes on what you’re learning from a variety of evaluations including personal observations. Record those notes in a document that belongs to you and that you can use each semester to collect your observations, thoughts, ideas, and data. [sample recording/notes reports]

Regular drop-in outcomes-assessment and website-editing help sessions and professional development will begin again in Spring -- one a week -- at a variety of times and locations. Visit the resources section of the website for details and to provide feedback on workshops you’d like to request and ones you’d be willing to lead.

Next week, I’ll review Spring plans for outcomes-assessment in all areas – Student Learning Outcomes, Service Area Outcomes, and Administrative Unit Outcomes.

Meanwhile, as semester approaches its end and stresses build, I hope we can all find the time and space to enjoy our students.

Moving forward one step at a time,
Katryn Wiese
CCSF SLO Coordinator

Friday, November 30, 2012 outcomes-assessment update:

As mentioned in yesterday's email from the Chancellor, CCSF now has designated an official SLO Coordinator position, and I'll be taking it on as my primary responsibility until the end of the fiscal year. 

In the work that's already happened, there's been such wonderful effort, cooperation, and support. We've built up a lot of momentum, and I see my primary goal to help it grow and move forward in a positive direction for the college.

Outcomes assessment is a process that permeates all areas of the college at all levels -- whether it be student learning outcomes (SLOs) in the classroom or service outcomes in counseling , purchasing , financial aid, mail rooms, custodial services, building maintenance, health centers, and so many more. Outcomes assessment is an essential tool for effectively planning program improvements, identifying needs, and developing resources. Outcomes assessment done right brings the college in all its diversity together, making us all allies in the common goal of strengthening student success.

Among other efforts that are underway, you can expect to receive regular updates from me, through email and this website, on the ongoing college-wide outcomes-assessment efforts including:

  • Highlights about good things that are coming out of the outcomes-assessment efforts across the college
  • Reviews and reminders of semester timelines and tasks
  • Plans for future assessment timelines and tasks
  • Upcoming professional development workshops for improving our teaching and learning and assessment processes

City College will succeed in its ongoing outcomes assessment progress and plans only with the continued cooperation and support of everyone -- a distributed effort. Thank you for your efforts to date and your commitment to support those of the future.

Katryn Wiese
CCSF SLO Coordinator