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Updates from the SLO Coordination Team - S' 2017

February 22, 2017


Dear College Community;


On March 6 the Academic Senate SLO Committee will be hosting a college-wide forum to discuss the assessment of ILO 4 - Personal and Career Development.  The forum will include a review of the ILO 4 Draft Report, and a discussion on what findings the committee should be providing to the Executive Council of the Academic Senate, the PGC, and the Board of Trustees around ILO 4 Assessment.


Institutional Learning Outcome Assessment is a college-wide activity involving not just instructional areas but also Administrative, Academic and Student Services.  We invite and encourage participation from the entire college in the March 6 Forum.


The Forum will be held in MUB 170, on Monday, March 6, 2017 from 12-1:30 pm.  We hope to see you there!


Sheri Miraglia, Craig Kleinman, Andrea Niosi, CCSF SLO Coordinators

Cherisa Yarkin, Director of Planning

and the  CCSF Academic Senate SLO Committee Members



February 15, 2017


Dear College Community;


CCSF's Institutional Assessment Plan specifies that "disaggregated SLO data is collected for at least one SLO for every section (all sections covered), capturing the individual assessment results for every student who takes a course at City College."


In order to ensure that we are capturing data for every CRN, and student, the Executive Council of the Academic Senate passed a resolution on August 31, 2016, to recommend that beginning in Summer 2017, CRN-level SLO reporting requirements will apply to the Summer semester as well as Spring and Fall.


If you are planning to teach a summer course or know that your department will be hiring new faculty to teach summer courses, please be aware of this new reporting requirement, and please take advantage of our drop in SLO Help Labs if faculty need assistance learning how to complete CRN-level reports.


Drop in SLO Coordinator Support in the TLC, Batmale 313

  • Every Tuesday: 1:30-2:30 - Craig Kleinman 
  • Every Friday:  11-1 - Sheri Miraglia 

Need a quick reminder of how to do an assessment?  Jump to the Quick Guide.


Thanks to your efforts, CCSF is now a model in the state for its exemplary and innovative work in collecting disaggregated student assessment data as evidenced by the invitations we are getting to speak at statewide conferences!  It's wonderful to be in a position of leadership and strength in the area of assessment.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


Sheri Miraglia, Craig Kleinman, Andrea Niosi - SLO Coordination Team




January 20, 2017


Dear Faculty;


Need help with SLO Assessment?  Want to revise SLOs for your course outline?  Having trouble navigating CurricUNET?  Want to get a head start on Course or Program Aggregate Assessment?  SLO Coordinators will once again be in the TLC (Batmale 313) this semester to support your assessment work.


Drop in SLO Coordinator Support in the TLC, Batmale 313

  • Every Tuesday: 1:30-2:30 - Craig Kleinman (begins Jan24)
  • Every Friday:  11-1 - Sheri Miraglia (begins Jan 20)

Interested in getting more involved in assessment at CCSF?  The Academic Senate SLO Committee meets alternate Mondays from 12-1:30.  We would love to have you join us!


Best regards;

Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)



January 2, 2017


Dear Deans, Chairs and Faculty;


Happy New Year from the SLO Coordination Team!


As you are hopefully aware, the deadline for submitting CRN-level SLO reports for your fall classes is tomorrow, January 3. If you are not sure if you've successfully submitted your fall reports, you can check the Fall 2016 Assessment Statistics Spreadsheet which is updated daily.  This sheet lists all courses by department and by school that are currently MISSING assessments.   If your CRN is on this list, but you think you've submitted, please go back and be sure you've "saved", "finished" AND "submitted" your report(s).   When your report is submitted you will no longer see the pencil icon (or be able to edit your report) and your report will be listed as "active"  NOT "draft".


Drop-in SLO Coordinator Support

There will be a drop-in SLO Help Lab in the TLC (313 Batmale Hall) tomorrow (Tuesday, January 3) from 10-1 pm.  If you need help from an SLO Coordinator, please plan on attending the help lab where we can see your computer screen and better understand what kind of help you need.  


There are many resources for you if you cannot attend a help lab.

  1. Forgot your password? Contact the IT helpdesk (be sure you explain to them that you are asking for a password reset for the CurricUNET Assessment Module).  Remember that the CurricUNET Assessment Module does NOT use the RAM ID.  Your username is your ccsf email address (for example:, and your password is whatever you set to last time. It is static – it doesn’t change.  Hopefully you wrote it down!
  2. Task guides: (step by step instructions for logging in and submitting a CRN-level report.  See attached files).
  3. Video instructions:
 (6.5 min, 14 MB) Video Only  |  Video with CC
  4. Use this Support Request Form to request help via email. Please be patient. It can take several days for us to respond your request, especially during the last days of the reporting period.  

We hope everyone is having a wonderful break!


Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)