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Updates from the SLO Coordination Team - Fall 2017

August 30, 2017


Dear College Community -


The SLO Coordinators often receive awesome suggestions from our colleagues about ways to improve assessment methodology at the college and make our assessment practices more meaningful and valuable.   The best way to influence SLO practice?  Consider joining the Academic Senate SLO Committee!





Some of the things we do include:

College wide assessment including ILO and GELO assessments and recommendations

Brainstorming for professional development workshops themes around SLOs

Review of the Institutional Assessment Plan and assessment timelines

Critique of course and program SLO mappings to ensure quality and consistency

Development of college-wide surveys around SLOs and analysis of survey results


Our first meeting of the 2017-2018 Academic year is Monday, September 11th, in R518



The committee is open to everyone at CCSF.  Please email if you are interested in joining us, and don't forget to fill out an Academic Senate Committee Application as well.  😃


Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)



August 22, 2017


Dear College Community,


SLO Coordination Team

A warm welcome to the Fall, 2017 semester from your SLO Coordination Team!  This semester we welcome new faculty SLO coordinators David Stevenson and Janey Skinner.  Andrea Niosi is on sabbatical but plans to return to the team in Spring 2018, and Sheri Miraglia and Craig Kleinman return for another year.  Dora Dye is continuing to serve as the college CurricUNET administrator.  The SLO Team also relies on significant support and input from Cherisa Yarkin, Pam Mery and David Agam in Research and Planning.  Learn more about your SLO Coordinators here:, including their contact information if you have questions.  


For a shortcut to the SLO website (containing a wealth of useful information!) you can always type www.ccsf/slo into your browser.


Drop-In SLO Support

You can find help lab dates and times on our SLO Professional Development page:  Currently support is available as follows:

Drop in SLO Coordinator Support in the TLC, Batmale 313

Every Tuesday: 1:00-2:30 - Craig Kleinman (begins September 5)Every Friday:  11-1 - Sheri Miraglia (begins September 8)

If you attended our SLO Basics FLEX workshop on 8/18 (and even if you didn't!) here is a link to the slide presentation that we used:


Summer SLO Reporting

Recall that the deadline for submitting Summer SLO reports was August 1st.  If you have not submitted your report, let us know how we can assist you.  Any one of the faculty SLO Coordinators can provide support via email or in a help lab.  


Course and Program (certificates and majors) aggregate SLO reporting

This is the time to begin completing course and program aggregate reports that are due by the end of this semester.    There are many resources from our April 20th FLEX day that you can access from that website:, and of course we are available during our help labs and by email to support this work as well.

We hope you have a wonderful semester!


Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination team)



August 14, 2017


Dear Faculty and Chairs -


Before the semester starts, the SLO Coordinators wanted you to be aware of how you can get help with SLO reports that may be overdue (from Spring and Summer) OR get off to a great start with your Fall Assessments.


Twice-weekly help labs will begin on the Ocean Campus in Batmale 313 (the TLC) beginning September 5th:

Drop in SLO Coordinator Support in the TLC, Batmale 313

  • Every Tuesday: 1:00-2:30 - Craig Kleinman (begins September 5)
  • Every Friday:  11-1 - Sheri Miraglia (begins September 8)

We also are holding a FLEX workshop this Friday designed to assist new faculty (and anyone who might benefit from a refresher) focused on CRN-level reporting.

All College FLEX - Friday, August 18, 2017

Batmale 313 from 1:30-3:30 PM

An Introduction to Student Learning Outcomes at CCSF

This workshop is designed to teach new and existing employees about the SLO process at CCSF. We will review how to identify the SLOs for courses and programs, and how to submit an assessment report using CurricUNET. We will go over the various types of assessment at CCSF: SLOs, SSOs, PLOs, GELOs and ILOs, and explain how assessment at the course level impacts institutional assessments. Need to review the SLO process to make your end-of-semester reporting easier this semester? Join us! Want to find ways to make assessment more meaningful? We will talk about that too! New faculty member? Get your semester off to a great start by planning your assessment with us in this workshop!


Please join us if we can be of assistance and encourage colleagues who may need some extra help this semester to come along as well. 


Best regards;

Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team.....more about us in a Welcome Back Update next week!)