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Updates from the SLO Coordination Team - S16

February 11, 2016


Dear College Community;


A brief reminder that we have a professional development opportunity this afternoon in MUB 255 from 3-4 pm: Introduction to ARGOS for Program and Course Coordinators.  Independent FLEX credit is offered for participants.   If you are in charge of writing course aggregate or program level SLO reports, this workshop is designed to help you learn about how ARGOS can help you look at both aggregated and disaggregated data tied to student demographics.


Our next workshop will be a Brown Bag Lunch on February 26th with a discussion on how to write and/or update course outline SLOs.  This workshop will be held in SCIE 309 from 12-1 pm.


Your SLO Coordination Team:  Craig, Mandy, Sheri and Dora


February 9, 2016


Dear College Community - 


A reminder that this Thursday we are holding a workshop to introduce ARGOS for Program and Course Coordinators from 3-4 pm in MUB 255.   This is a great way to explore this new and powerful tool linking SLO data to student demographic data.


Plans for the March 8 FLEX Day are being finalized.  We have now closed the participant interest form for panel participation.  If you have questions about any of the panels, please take a look at theMarch 8 website and contact the facilitator for the panel that you have a question or comment about.  We are looking forward to a productive day identifying ways to use past assessment data to make our college an even better place for student learning.


Your SLO Coordination Team (Sheri, Craig, Dora and Mandy)


February 5, 2016


Dear College Community;


A reminder that we are holding another Independent FLEX Brown Bag Lunch today in SCIE 309 from 12-1 to support Program Level (certificates and majors) assessment and reporting.  Learn how to use CurricUNET to view the aggregated data for all of the courses that map to your program!


And......on Monday, there will be a guest from the San Mateo Community College District here to discuss Student Services Outcome Assessment and Design in MUB 140 from 1:30-3:30.  


Looking further into next week, on THURSDAY there will be a workshop to introduce ARGOS for Program and Course Coordinators from 3-4 pm in MUB 255. 


We hope to see you at any or all of these events. Have a great weekend!


The SLO Coordination Team (Dora, Craig, Mandy and Sheri)



February 3, 2016


Dear College Community;


This  Friday, February 5th, we are holding an SLO brown-bag lunch in Science 309 (Ocean Campus) from 12-1 pm to discussProgram Level (certificates and majors) SLO assessment and reporting.  Independent FLEX credit is available for participating - a CRN number will be provided at the workshop.


We will be discussing how to use CurricUNET to create Program level assessment reports, and we will also be having a discussion about the specific challenges related to program level assessment.  Program-level SLO reports need to be submitted once every 3 years, and are similar to Course Aggregate Reports in that they also collate CRN-level SLO reports.  


There are many useful SLO-related professional development opportunities happening in February:



  • February 5th: Brown Bag Lunch: Program Level SLO Assessment and Design.  12-1 pm (SCIE 309, repeated again in April)
  • February 8th: Student Services Outcome Assessment and Design -- Sharing Ideas and Strategies, 1:30-3:30pm, MUB 140.
  • February 11th:  Introduction to ARGOS for Program and Course Coordinators. 3-4 pm (MUB 255)
  • February 26th:   Brown Bag Lunch: Writing/Updating Course Outline SLOs:  12-1 pm (SCIE 309)


Note that the workshop on February 8th will include a guest from the San Mateo Community College District who will be sharing expertise and experience on assessing Student Services SLOs.


Your SLO Coordination Team (Sheri, Dora, Craig and Mandy).


January 29, 2016

Dear College Community;


Today, Friday, January 29th, we are holding an SLO brown-bag lunch in Science 309 (Ocean Campus) to discuss Course Aggregate SLO reporting.


As you know, instructors submit CRN-level SLO reports each semester (for at least one SLO).  However, once every 3 years, course coordinators need to collate those CRN-level results (automated by CurricUNET) and do a course-level full review of all SLOs.  


Typically course coordinators would wait on these reports until all SLOs have been assessed at the CRN level (planning such assessments across all instructors to ensure that all SLOs WILL be assessed in a 3-year period).  As such, most of us are not yet ready to submit these reports.  However we DO need to understand them and plan for them to ensure that we'll have assessed all SLOs within that 3-year period.


So - come join us today to learn about Course Aggregate SLO assessment.  We can help you map out a plan for successful future course aggregate reporting.


Meanwhile......Program-level SLO reports (certificates and majors) also need to be submitted once every 3 years, and these also collate CRN-level SLO reports.  Next Friday, we will hold another brown bag lunch on the PSLO assessment reporting process.  Same room...same time.  Same friendly SLO Coordinators!


Your SLO Coordination Team (Sheri, Dora, Craig and Mandy).


January 20, 2016

Dear College Community;


Welcome Back!  We know that you are having a busy first week, but we want to alert you to an upcoming professional development workshop this Friday, January 22.  A Brown Bag Lunch will be occurring in SCIE 309 from 12-1 pm to discuss SLOs and SLO Assessment.  This is an opportunity for new faculty to learn about SLOs and the CCSF SLO process.  Even if you are not new, please feel free to stop by for a refresher!  Independent FLEX credit is available for attendees.


All professional development opportunities for the semester can be viewed here:


March 8 FLEX Day


Tuesday, March 8 is our next all-faculty FLEX day.  Classes are canceled that day so that faculty can work together on our biggest outstanding assessment-related issue: "Enacting institutional changes based on past assessment recommendations".


The SLO Coordinators would like to encourage you to consider participating on a March 8 FLEX panel. Everyone will be attending one of the five panels listed below as an audience member or as a panelist. 


The panels are: 


  • Expansion of the use of prerequisites and advisories (facilitator: Katryn Wiese)
  • Integration of quantitative reasoning across the curriculum (facilitator: Sheri Miraglia)
  • Strengthening counseling and teaching faculty collaboration (facilitator: Mandy Liang)
  • Strengthening noncredit assessment (facilitator: Dora Dye)
  • Creating spaces for Student Success (facilitator: Craig Kleinman)



We are hoping for a wide range of panelists including Instructional Faculty, Counseling Faculty and Students. Maybe you have already implemented some of these recommendations, or know someone or some programs who have had success in this area? Do you know a student who has experiences to share in these areas? Please share your own expertise, ideas, or recommendations by filling out the March 8 Participant Interest Form.  



SLO Coordination Team Changes


The SLO Team said goodbye and THANK YOU to Kristina Whalen who left us in December to become the Dean of Fine, Applied and Communication Arts.  Tremendous progress in the area of assessment has been made as a result of Kristina's leadership over the past two years and we will miss her very much!


This semester the SLO Team welcomes Dora Dye, who will be joining us as we work to continue CCSF's leadership in assessment.  Welcome Dora!


Best regards;

The SLO Coordination Team (Craig, Mandy, Sheri and Dora)



January 2, 2016


Dear College Community;


Fall SLO Reporting 

A final reminder that the deadline for submitting CRN-level SLO reports is January 4.  There will be a drop-in help lab on Monday, January 4 in SCIE 37 from  11-1 if you need help submitting your report.


If you are having trouble, but would rather not drop by the college, you can access the CurricUNET User Manual - with detailed written instructions and images.


There are also video tutorials!

Need help logging in and navigating?

(5.5 min, 14 MB)  Video Only  |  Video with CC


Need help creating a CRN-level assessment report?

(6.5 min, 14 MB) Video Only  |  Video with CC

If you don't need assistance, simply access the CurricUNET Assessment Module to submit your reports.


Happy New Year from your SLO Coordination Team!