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Updates from the SLO Coordination Team - Fall 2016

October 4, 2016


Dear College Community - 


ARGOS Accounts:

There has been a lot of interest in the ARGOS workshop on Friday.  Research and Planning is asking that you contact David Agam in R&P to sign up for an ARGOS account in advance if you plan to attend.  David's email address is:


Area F Assessment:

On Monday, 10/10/16, the Academic Senate SLO Committee will be discussing GE Area F Assessment in MUB 250 from 12-1:30 - all are welcome to attend.  You can find a draft of the Area F report here.  Area F encompasses US History and Government.


Best regards;

Sheri Miraglia and Craig Kleinman (SLO Coordinators)



October 3, 2016


Dear Faculty;


Are you interested in learning more about using ARGOS to determine which Math and English placement levels are needed for success in the courses you teach?  Would you like to capture data for your classes to determine how different demographic groups achieve SLOs?


On Friday, we will be holding a professional development workshop in the TLC from 12-1 pm.  There will be a trainer from Research and Planning to guide us, along with three data coaches to help you work with ARGOS.  The data you access can be used in several ways from determining which advisories and prerequisites to consider for your courses as well as for completing Course Aggregate Assessment Reports.


We hope you can join us on Friday in the TLC (313 Batmale Hall).


Best regards;

Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)



September 23, 2016


Dear College Community;


Institutional Assessment is an ongoing college activity.   This semester the SLO Committee is assessing Institutional Learning Outcome #4:  


 Personal and Career Development

  1. Identify and develop helpful resources and opportunities
  2. Demonstrate self-reflection and confidence
  3. Maintain or improve health
  4. Value lifelong learning
  5. Utilize technology in pursuit of intellectual growth and career development.


On Monday (September 26) - the SLO Committee will be having a focused discussion on ILO#4 Assessment between 12-1:30 in MUB 250.  Everyone is welcome to join in and contribute to this dialog.


On Monday (October 10) - the SLO Committee will be reviewing the draft GE Area F Assessment Report.  More information and a link to the draft report will sent out prior to the meeting.  Mark your calendar if you would like to join the committee for this discussion.


A final reminder that one-on-one help with SLOs can be found every Tuesday and Friday in the Technology Learning Center (Batmale 313).  


Drop in SLO Coordinator Support in the TLC, Batmale 313

  • Every Tuesday: 2-3 - Craig Kleinman
  • Every Friday:  11-1 - Sheri Miraglia

You can also request support via email by filling out this form:  Support Request Form.


Have a great weekend!

Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)



September 6, 2016


Dear College Community;


Now that we are in our second year of using CurricUNET, we need to continue moving forward with Course Aggregate Assessment Reports: holistic assessments of each course - where individual CRN-level SLO data are compiled and a deeper analysis is completed. In these reports, we look across data from multiple SLOs, instructors, semesters/offerings to inform course-level improvements.


Course Aggregate Assessments are completed by course coordinators (one individual for each course) at least once every three years. Note:  If you are the ONLY instructor that teaches a course, you are most likely the course coordinator!  If there are multiple instructors, one should be designated as coordinator.  If you don't know who that is for your course, consult your department chair for guidance.


Course Coordinators: be sure you've spaced out these assessments in your department to make them manageable.  Do some this academic year if you are ready, spread a number across next year, and be sure you've covered them all within the three-year timeline. Some course coordinators have already started this process!


Reminder: As we already are all well aware, every instructor completes a CRN-level report on at least one SLO each semester.  Hopefully course coordinators have been having instructors rotate through course SLOs each semester, so that when aggregation occurs, all SLOs are covered. Note: because we have been assessing at the course level for years (before CurricUNET), you don't need to wait until ALL your course SLOs are assessed at the CRN level in CurricUNET to complete the course aggregate report. 


CurricUNET makes producing a course-level aggregate assessment report process very easy by automating the compilation of data.  Learn more about this today with Craig Kleinman:


September 6th (Today) - Craig Kleinman

Course Aggregate SLO Support in the TLC (Batmale 313).  Prepare a course aggregate report and get it done with the help of CCSF SLO Coordinators.  2:15 - 3:15


Additional resources:

Task Guide: Course-level (SLO Aggregate)

Videos: Course-level SLO aggregate - (5.5 min, 12.5 MB)  Video Only  |  Video with CC


We look forward to supporting the college as we all work towards completing Course Aggregate Reports!


Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)


August 29, 2016


Dear College Community;


The SLO team has prepared a professional development schedule for fall based on our goal to get everyone up to speed on "aggregate" course and program reports, and continued requests for more opportunities to learn about ARGOS.


We hope to see you at one of the workshops!


Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)


September 6th (Tuesday) - Craig Kleinman

Course Aggregate SLO Support in the TLC.  Prepare a course aggregate report and get it done with the help of CCSF SLO Coordinators.  2:15 - 3:15


October 7th (Friday) - Sheri Miraglia

Come learn more about using ARGOS to determine which math, english and ESL placement levels are needed for success in the courses you teach.  Research and Planning will help walk us through the ARGOS module.  The data you collect at this workshop can be used to prepare future course aggregate reports. 12-1 pm


November 8 (Tuesday) - Craig Kleinman

Come learn more about using ARGOS to slice and dice your SLO data by various demographic groups (such as underrepresented minorities, day and evening sections and face-2-face and online sections).  Research and Planning will help walk us through the ARGOS module. The data you collect at this workshop can be used to prepare future course aggregate reports. 2:15-3:15 PM


December 9 (Friday) - Sheri Miraglia

The deadline for Fall, 2016 CRN-level reporting is almost here!  Get individualized assistance from an SLO Coordinator in preparing and submitting your Fall report(s).   Get it done today!  12-1 pm


SLO Professional Development Page



August 19, 2016


Dear College Community;


As of this week, 95% of CRN-level SLO reports for Spring, 2016 have been submitted.  You can view Spring 2016 Assessment Statistics by going to the SLO Website and clicking on the link (under Reporting).  So far we have achieved >95% reporting each semester since the implementation of CurricUNET!  


Onward to Fall!  If you would like help identifying your SLOs, developing meaningful assessment instruments or planning fall assessment, SLO Coordinators are holding drop-in hours in the TLC in Batmale Hall beginning next week.  Please refer to the TLC training calendar to view drop-in times (typically Tuesdays and Fridays).


The Academic Senate SLO Committee is open to all CCSF faculty and staff and has unlimited membership.  We would love to have you join us in supporting assessment at CCSF.  You can read about our committee and our Fall meeting schedule on the SLO Website.   Our first meeting is this Monday in MUB 250 at 12.  Bring your lunch and come join us!!!


Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)


August 12, 2016


Dear College Community;


Welcome back!  The Fall semester is upon us!  A few reminders as your classes get underway:

  • If you still have not completed Spring 2016 CRN-Level SLO submissions, you can still do so.  Not sure if your submissions are complete?  A spreadsheet containing a list of unsubmitted Spring '16 reports can be found under "Reporting" on theSLO Website.
  • Need help getting your Spring or Summer submissions in? Summer SLO submissions are optional, but the data they provide is valuable and we encourage submission.   SLO Coordinators will be providing drop-in lab support all semester in the Technology Learning Center in Batmale Hall.   Support will typically be every Tuesday from 2:15-3:15 (Craig Kleinmnan) and Friday from 11-1 (Sheri Miraglia).   You can view the TLC Calendar to find out when Assessment Support is available (as well as all of the other great training opportunities offered by the TLC staff!).
  • Have you met with your course coordinator(s) to discuss which SLOs you will be assessing and what assessments you will be using?  (If you are the only instructor for a course, you are by default the course coordinator!).  If you need any help planning assessments for the semester, please drop by a help lab or email

The SLO Coordinators would like to extend our appreciation to Mandy Liang who has left her role as Student Services SLO Coordinator to serve as Academic Senate President.  We also want to thank Dora Dye who has shifted over from SLO support to provide CurricUNET administrative support. 


More updates regarding professional development opportunities for the Fall Semester are forthcoming.  In the meantime, we wish you a great start to your semester!


Best regards;

Sheri Miraglia and Craig Kleinman (SLO Coordinators)