Learning Outcomes and Assessment

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City College strives to create a culture where outcomes assessment continually improves the quality of student learning and institutional effectiveness. Members of each department and program engage each other in the development and assessment of outcomes. Dialogue within and amongst departments and programs moves the college forward to meet the evolving needs of our students through instruction, curricula, programs, and services.

Outcomes are developed and assessments take place for the following areas:

  • Student Learning Outcomes (for courses, instructional programs, counseling, and workshops)
  • Student Service Outcomes (for additional services provided to students, such as transcript procurement, registration, and financial aid)
  • Admininstrative Unit Outcomes (for services provided to faculty, staff, vendors, external organizations, etc. to produce an environment of learning for our students)

Updates from the SLO Coordinator

May 21, 2014

New Reporting Link Location

Struggle to find the SLO Reporting Link? It's now located on the MyCCSF page where you log into Web4 and all email systems. Thanks to Annie Mayer's great suggestion at Get It Done Day. As always you can also find the Reporting Form in the right hand column of the CCSF Outcomes and Assessment page. Don't forget, all reports are due June 2nd.


The last issue of SLO HIGHLIGHTS is out. Read about the exciting stackable degrees created in the Department of Automotive/Motorcycle Technology, Construction, and Building Maintenance. Also, below, or in SLO HIGHLIGHTS, our Outcomes Assessment Year in Review! Just reading about all we accomplished makes you more than ready for summer break.

Outcomes Assessment Year in Review

Assessment activities during the past academic year were strong, progressive, and supported campus wide! Congratulations to the entire community for achieving so much in one year. In this article, we look back at assessment activities during the academic year, marking important milestones.

AUGUST: The CCSF campus community did not allow the disheartening news over the summer stand in the way of progress. Spring 2013 Assessment progress reports were due in late August. We had unprecedented response. 93% of courses, 94% of programs, 100% of counseling, and 93% of student services reported assessment activities.

SEPTEMBER: The entire campus community came together for Positive Pathways to Accreditation: College-wide Robust Dialogue. The scope of the day extended past outcomes assessment work; however, important SLO dialogue occurred, including campus-wide dialogue on the preliminary GE Area C results. Over 450 evaluations were received after the event, filled with ideas to share with presenters and college leaders and input on the GE-Area C results. The median satisfaction score for the event was 8 out of 10.

OCTOBER: Work on assessing the Critical Thinking and Information Competency ILO began in earnest. The SLO Committee of the Academic Senate conducted its first validation of instructional assessment reports. The college released its Annual Assessment Plan, setting benchmarks for the frequency of outcomes assessment. The college received a Feedback Memo for the ACCJC verifying that we meet the Proficiency standard!

NOVEMBER: The SLO Coordinators created an SLO Scorecard to better inform the community about the on-going progress made in assessment since the March 15th report was submitted to the ACCJC. SLO Workgroups for GE Area A & GE Area E were formed and discussed procedure for the spring semester.

DECEMBER: The final GE Area C Assessment Report was released to the college and discussion, still on-going, about implementation of the recommendations began.

JANUARY: The campus community immersed itself in professional development activities including assessment, teaching, and learning sessions at the January FLEX Day.

FEBRUARY: The SLO Committee released its Summary Report of Fall 2013 reporting. Over 80% of student services and counseling were at SCQI and 62% of instructional courses--showing that we are steadfastly marching forward. The campus community demonstrated that it maintain robust reporting as a matter of course. The ILO Assessment Work Group concluded data collection for ILO#1. A vigorous vetting process for new assessment software concluded and a generous donor purchased CurricUNET META for the campus. This integrated software will be used for curriculum development, SLO reporting, and Program Review. Many faculty members of the SLO Committee attended the Accreditation Institute in LaJolla, CA.

MARCH: Professional development opportunities continued and the SLO Faculty Leaders and the Assessment Planning Team met to discuss the Institutional Set Standards for the college.

APRIL: The SLO Committee released the 2013-2014 SLO Impact Report, demonstrating connections between assessment and program improvement. The report was discussed in various participatory governance committees. The Student Service Outcome Team was formed and met to validate student service assessment reports.

MAY: The final report for the Critical Thinking and Information Competency Institutional Learning Outcome was released and discussions are happening campus-wide about the findings. Course, program, service, and unit coordinators participated in Get It Done Day, a day of collegial assessment reporting. 

LOOKING AHEAD:  When we return to campus in fall 2014, the process of training faculty and staff on CurricUNET Meta will begin. GE area E & A workgroups will conclude their assessment activities and assessment of the Communication ILO#2 will begin.

Most importantly, we will all work together to create meaningful change at the college. 


May 14, 2014

IMPORTANT NOTE on SLO Reporting: The SLO reporting is on the same server as curriculum. As many know, that server was viciously hacked. SLO data is intact! As a security precaution; however, SLO reports are not viewable unless you are logged onto a CCSF computer. This is temporary!  You can still access the reporting form and submit reports from any remote location.  

Get It Done Day is nearly here. The news above may give you even more reason to use Friday as a time to be on campus knocking these reports off your to-do list. Below is the list of locations where you can seek help, camaraderie or commiseration, and an opportunity for dialogue. These are extended drop-in help labs for course, program, student service, counseling, and admin SLO coordinators. Work together to get your SLO reports complete well  before the June 2nd deadline

Get It Done Day starts May 15th:

Evans Center,                Room 220C        4PM-6PM

Get It Done Day continues May 16th at the following locations:

Ocean Campus      TLC Lab (L313)     9AM-3PM

John Adams          Rm 231                9AM-11AM

Downtown           Rm 515B            11:30AM-1:30PM

Mission                 Rm 476               2:30PM-4:30PM

Critical Thinking ILO Final Report

The ILO workgroup (aka the SLO Committee) has completed the assessment and analysis of the fall 2013 Critical Thinking and Information Competency ILO Assessment. The final report, complete with mapping analysis, data and analysis, and recommendation may be found here

May 21st the SLO Committee will be hosting an open forum on the ILO results from 3:00-4:00 in Sci 45. 

Hope to see you Friday,

Kristina Whalen

SLO Coordinator