Learning Outcomes and Assessment

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City College strives to create a culture where outcomes assessment continually improves the quality of student learning and institutional effectiveness. Members of each department and program engage each other in the development and assessment of outcomes. Dialogue within and amongst departments and programs moves the college forward to meet the evolving needs of our students through instruction, curricula, programs, and services.

Outcomes are developed and assessments take place for the following areas:

  • Student Learning Outcomes (for courses, instructional programs, counseling, and workshops)
  • Student Service Outcomes (for additional services provided to students, such as transcript procurement, registration, and financial aid)
  • Admininstrative Unit Outcomes (for services provided to faculty, staff, vendors, external organizations, etc. to produce an environment of learning for our students)

Updates from the SLO Coordinator

August 27, 2014

Fall Outcomes Assessment Forms are now open and will remain open until January 5th

Same reporting process as used in the past, though we made some improvements: shorter more streamlined form. Better viewing of reports after submission. Fewer pages!

It's great that we as a college have stepped up to learn and work with this rather inglorious reporting system, but our commitment to making it work has been an excellent demonstration on what we can all do collectively as a college.

It is essential that a report get submitted for every administrative unit, student services unit, counseling program, instructional program (majors and certificates), and active course. This semester the scrutiny on our follow through and quality will be higher than ever. Let's collectively demonstrate that we are still carrying this ball forward.

Thank you all for your commitment and effort.

Kristina Whalen

SLO Coordinator

(*NOTE: For those curious about our original hope that we'd have replaced our current system with a new CurricUNET system for Fall, we are delaying that implementation so that a) we implement it gradually, thoughtfully, and one module at a time (Curriculum first -- going on this semester), b) we keep our current WORKING systems operating until the new system proves its robustness, and c) we don't ask folks to learn something new at a time when we are under review. Now more than ever we have to focus on the work, and not the packaging. Thanks again for your help and understanding!)

August 20, 2014

Welcome to the fall 2014 semester. Once again I'll be sending weekly updates to communicate progress and deadlines associated with our institutional level assessments (both GE and ILO), important professional development opportunities, assessment assistance, access to worthwhile resources, and news about the implementation and trainings associated with CurricUNET. Please read these weekly updates!

To start your year, this week's SLO UPDATE contains important information about DEADLINES, HELP LABS, and the FALL 2014 ILO Assessment:


Sept 9: Assessment websites for department, student services, and admin units must be current

Sept 19: Last call for GE Area A & E assessment data collected in spring 2014.

Jan 5th: Progress reports due for all course, programs, student services, and administrative units

HELP LABS: Weekly drop-in help sessions will still take place on Tuesday but from 2:00pm-3:00pm in Cloud 208 A/B

WEBSITE UPDATES: Are you responsible for updating your department's assessment websites? Websites need to be current by Sept 9th. Next week I'll be holding website updating help sessions during the following times. Please RSVP for the sessions that are still open.

August 25th, 9-10, Cloud 208B--FULL

August 26th, 3-4, Cloud 208B--FULL

August 28th, 3-5, Cloud 208B

August 29th, 10-12, Cloud 208B


As per our Annual Assessment Plan the college community will assess ILO#2 Communication. It states:

II. Communication

  • Communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate respectful interpersonal and intercultural communication
  • Recognize and interpret creative expression

A preliminary mapping report of instructional programs to the COM ILO has been prepared and so far 80 program outcomes map to prong #1, 29 program outcomes map to prong #2, and 30 programs outcomes map to prong #3. Department chairs for these instructional programs have been contacted and participation is encouraged!  

Kristina Whalen

SLO Coordinator