Outcomes & Assessment

Want help? Get ideas and review resources.

At CCSF, assessments happen every semester, including summer. Need help with an outcomes assessment report? Please use the reporting links to the right and the SLO Support link to the left. 

By assessing and reflecting, we are not only finding ways to improve the ways that we help our students learn, we are strengthening curricula, services, program-level cohesion, and overall college-wide effectiveness.

Thanks to all who have submitted assessment reports, engaged in collegial conversations related to those reports, and taken advantage of our expanded drop-in support.  

City College strives to create a culture where outcomes assessment continually improves the quality of student learning and institutional effectiveness. Members of each department and program engage each other in the development and assessment of outcomes. Dialogue within and amongst departments and programs moves the college forward to meet the evolving needs of our students through instruction, curricula, programs, and services.

Outcomes are developed and assessed for the following areas:

  • Current Accreditation Standards
    • Standard I.B.(6) "The institution disaggregates and analyzes learning outcomes and achievement for subpopulations of students."
    • Standard I.B.(7) "The institution regularly evaluates its policies and practices across all areas of the institution."
    • Standard II.C.(2) "The institution uses assessment data to continuously improve student support programs and services."