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Shared Governance

Shared Governance

CCSF Shared Governance System

In September of 1993, the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Community College District established the City College of San Francisco Shared Governance System, in accordance with Assembly Bill 1725 (AB 1725).  The CCSF Shared Governance organization consists of three systems, each with a set of permanent committees.  All members of the City College community - students, faculty, classified and administrators - are represented in these committees.  The committees may establiish sub-committees and task forces, wherever needed and appropriate.

Collegial Governance System

Four main committees address issues related to academic policies, student preparation and success, curriculum and staff development.  All recommendations from these committees go to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the Executive Council of the Academic Senate for review and approval before going to the Chancellor and ultimately to the Board.

College Advisory Governance System

Policies and recommendations from the committees in this system go to the College Advisory Council comprised of senior administrators and representatives from the major student, faculty and classified organizations.  The recommendations are advisory to the Chancellor and the Board.

Budget and Planning Governance System

The main committee in this system is the Planning and Budget Council.  All recommendations are advisory to the Chancelllor and the Board.

Appointments to the committees, subcommittees and task forces are made by the appropriate appointing body of the four constituent groups:

  • Administrators
  • Classified
  • Faculty
  • Students

Over 400 members of the college constituent groups participated in the work of the CCSF Shared Governance System.