California Community Colleges Student Success

Task Force (CCCSSTF) Recommendations

From the CCCCO

CCCSS Task Force Recommendations - Full Final Report

These recommendations were received and endorsed by the Board of Governors on January 9th.

Legislation plan for enacting major recommendations

Summary List of Final Recommendations

Implementation chart

Proposed Changes to Education Code (pdf) (doc)
Red italics and strikeouts show changes to exisiting laws

Summary of Proposed Bill to implement major recommendations (pdf) (doc)

Comparison of Proposed Bill with Existing Law  (pdf) (doc)

Implementation chart for Recommendation 1.1: Collaboration with K-12 (pdf)

Implementation chart for Recommendation 7.3: Student Success Score Card (pdf)


Taking Action

  • Write to your Legislators in Sacramento
  • Write to Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814 or see
  • Write to Members of the Consultation Council
  • Write to the Chancellor's Office at
  • Write to the Members of the Board of Governors.  To send a message to all members of the Board, email Nigiri Griffin at and include a request for your message to be forwarded to the Board.
  • Sign a Petition opposing the recommendations
  • Sign a Petition supporting access, affordability and equality and opposing the recommendations
  • Blog and Information opposing the Recommendations
  • Facebook page opposing the Recommendations

Ask Friends and Colleagues to get involved!


Decision Making Bodies

California Community Colleges Board of Governors - Sets policy for the 112 colleges through Title 5 regulation. Members are appointed by the Governor

Consultation Council - Reviews and evaluates new policy proposals. Advises the Chancellor about what to recommend to the Board of Governors in regards to Title 5 regulation. Members are leaders of constituent groups

California Legislature - Creates and amends Education Law  (Education Code)

Student Success Task Force - Created temporarily by SB 1143. Has gone out of existence with the completion of the recommendations.


Task Force Materials

  • Summary of Comments to Chancellor's Office   (doc)  (pdf
  • Summary of Substantial Changes as of December 8th from Student Success Task Force Chair  (pdf)
  • CCCSSTF website -- recommendations, agendas from meetings, supplementary materials  (html)
  • Informal notes of the last meeting of CCCSSTF. 12/7/11  (pdf)
  • Website that solicited input: now closed


Current Responses

  • ASCCC Positions on SSTF Recommendations. 2/8/12 (pdf)
  • BOG Fee Waiver: Consequence of adding requirements (pdf)
  • Californians for Educational Access (CEA). 1/29/12 (pdf)
  • Community College Association Feedback Regarding CCCSSTF Recommendations  (pdf)  12/12/11
  • Consultation Council Digest on Cost Implications 2/6/12 (pdf)
  • Council of Faculty Organizations. January 5, 2012 (pdf)
  • FACC Faculty Association of California Community College. Jonathan Light. January 9, 2012 (pdf)
  • Joint Hearing on the recommendations by Senate and Assembly Committees. February 1, 2012.  Notes (pdfVideo available (html)
  • Lumina and the Completionists.  Handout. 1/13/12 (pdf)
  • Unintended Consequences and Perverse Incentives January 6, 2012 (pdf)
  • Your Call Radio show on KALW. 12/12/11 (Link to sound file)


Testimony at the January 9th Board of Governors meeting

  • Video clips of all the testimony on Youtube (html)
  • Asebedo, Anna. Art Department Chair, City College of San Francisco.California (pdf)
  • California Community Colleges Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Association. Will Bruce. (pdf)
  • California Community Colleges Extended Opportunity Programs and Services Association Letter. Will Bruce. (pdf)
  • Community College Association. (CCA/CTA/NEA) Ron Norton Reel. (pdf)
  • Community College Educators of Older Adults. Pat Mosteller. (pdf)
  • Collected ESL Success stories from CCSF. (pdf)
  • Ezzell, Sun. Learning Assitance Center. Mount San Antonio College. (pdf)
  • Lee, C. and R. Pabello. Taxpayers and Part Time Community College students. (pdf)
  • Mueller, Madeline. Music Department Chair, City College of San Francisco. (pdf)
  • Overton, Ann. Letter to Governor Brown. 1/2/12 (pdf)
  • Santiago Canyon College. Lori Fasbinder. (pdf)


Responses from Other Community Colleges

  • College of Chabot. Submission to IdeaScale (pdf)
  • De Anza College Leadership  (pdf)
  • De Anza College's Independent Student Voice: La Voz Weekly (html)
  • Gavilan College  (pdf)
  • College of Marin  (pdf)
  • College of the Dessert. The Chaparral. Student Newspaper. 12/8/11  (html)
  • Modesto Junior College ESL Department  (pdf)
  • Dr. Loren Steck, Trustee, Monterey Peninsula College (pdf)
  • Monterey Peninsula College  (pdf)
  • Mt. San Antonio College -- Basic Skills Coordinating Committee  (pdf)
  • Mt. San Antonio College -- Learning Assistance Faculty  (pdf)
  • Mt. San Antonio College -- Learning Assistance Classified Staff  (pdf)
  • Mt. San Antonio College -- Assessment of Written English Facilitators  (pdf)
  • Ohlone College Monitor (pdf)
  • Sacramento City College Academic Senate  (pdf)
  • San Jose/Evergreen Community College Board. Resolution seeking deferment of implementation. 11/29/11 (pdf)
  • San Jose/Evergreen Community College Board President Maria Fuentes. Letter. 1/31/12. (pdf)
  • San Mateo Community College Board. Resolution of Concern. 1/25/12. (pdf)
  • Santa Rosa Junior College. Oak Leaf News site. 12/15/11 (html)
  • Skyline View. Student Newspaper. 12/1/11.  (html)