Academic Senate

Academic Senate

Purview of the Academic Senate

CA Community College Faculty


1. Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites.
2. Degree and certificate requirements.
3. Grading policies.
4. Educational program development.
5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success.
6. College governance structures, as related to faculty roles.
7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes.
8. Policies for faculty professional development activities.
9. Processes for program review.
10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development.
11. Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon.

ASCCC Handbook: Roles and Responsibilities of and Strategies for an Effective Senate

In accordance with Title 5, Sections 53200 and 53203 and CCSF Board Policy 2.08, the CCSF Board of Trustees and its delegate, the Chancellor, consult collegially with the CCSF Academic Senate concerning academic and professional matters. Central to the collegial consultation process are meetings and other communication between Officers of the CCSF Academic Senate, and the Chancellor and members of the administration. Find a chart tracking the status of issues under consultation. For most items, additional information may be found in minutes of Acdemic Senate Executive Council meetings and in emails from the Academic Senate President to all faculty.

NEW! Administrative Procedure 2.08 Collegial Consultation.


Proposed Department Reorganization

The District's proposed reorganization impacts academic and professional matters. California state Education Code places academic and professional matters under the purview of Faculty, specifically the Academic Senate. Because this falls under the 10+1 it is the responsibility of the Academic Senate to ensure that all faculty members have the opportunity to weigh in on these changes.  Faculty are the experts on the impacts of the reorganization on the 10+1. The instructions below are intended to provide a means of gathering evidence about the impact of the reorganization on academic and professional matters. Please feel free to contribute positive, negative, and neutral impacts.

While we recognize that we are headed into Winter Break, this issue will be on Executive Council Agendas in January. Feedback is needed by January 8th.

How to Contribute:

1. Check out the Impact of Reorganization chart to view the format of the response.

2. Identify the Discipline impacted.

3. Identify the specific 10+1 impacted.

4. Describe in 40 words or less the impact. Be specific.

Please focus on specific factual changes. Leave opinions out (those are for later so do keep track of them). Cite data and evidence - this is important. We like data! Hint: our ESL program has excellent data behind its success. For example, if a course outline will be impacted, identify the specific course outline and the specific impact. Be clear about why the impact would be negative. Or, be clear about why the impact would be positive.  

Send the response to


Current Department Structure

Proposed Department Structure

Barclays California Code

California State Education Code

Academic Senate Respone to Process of Reorganization

UC Berkeley's Best Practice for Reorganization

UC Berkeley's Best Way to Create Resistance to Reorganization


What's Hot on Accreditation

California State Legislature Audit of ACCJC Summary Report.

California State Legislature Audit of ACCJC Full Report.

June 13, 2014 Appellate Panel Decision (Full Text)

June 11, 2014 ACCJC Statement on Revision To Policy On Termination of Accreditation

The Two-Year Rule and Due Process: ACCJC's Credibility and an Examination of Evidence. Karen Saginor. May 29, 2014.

"CCSF support gains momentum, but accreditation deadline remains unclear." Laura Dudnick. San Francisco Examiner. May 21, 2014

"CCSF accrediting group can extend deadline, feds tell Pelosi." Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May 20, 2014

Board of Governors letter to ACCJC. Manuel Baca. May 20, 2014

Department of Education letter to Leader Pelosi. Lynn B. Mahaffie. May 19, 2014.

"A hidebound review panel is punsihing City College" Staff editorial. SFGate. May 16, 2014

"Accreditors firm on deadline for closing City College of S.F."
Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May 15, 2014

"CCSF supporters press for extension to fix problems" Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May 15, 2014

"The Fight to Save San Francisco’s Public College." Justine Drennan. The Nation  May 15, 2014

"City College of S.F. could get more time to shape up"
Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May 14, 2014

Leader Pelosi letter to Department of Education requesting clarification. Nancy Pelosi. May 9, 2014

Letter thanking CEOCCC. Karen Saginor. May 7, 2014

CEOCCC letter. Helen Benjamin. April 25, 2014

"Errors Seen in Commissioners' opinion piece on CCSF funding." Nanette Asimov. SFGate. April 22, 2014

"CCSF Legal Battle Heats Up" Laura Dudnick. San Francisco Examiner. April 16, 2014

Letter concerning candadicy. Arthur Q. Tyler. April 14, 2014

"The Way Forward." Sherrill Amador, Frank Gornick, and Steve Kinsella. SFGate. April 12, 2014  and on ACCJC website

"Give City College More Time to Meet Accreditaiton Requirements." Ed Lee and Brice Harris. SFGate. March 26, 2014


Article by CCSF Board of Trustees Vice President, Dr. Anita Grier February 26, 2014



Proposed for Second Reading on June 6, 2014
Compared to Current Standards   (pdf)   (doc)

Approved on First Reading January 10, 2014
Compared to Current Standards   (pdf)   (doc)


Accreditation Institute February 7-8, 2014
and Report back to CCSF
      Composite notes
      Materials available online from ASCCC

CCSF Accreditation Forum March 14, 2014
"The most essentila parts of two days of presentations compressed into two hours for you."


Marketing Research conducted by Interact November 20 - December 5, 2013

Polling and Focus Groups [Summary]
Community Polling [Survey]
Image Research [Focus groups]


Educational Master Plan

Observations on the Environmental Scan -- External Trends Report.  k saginor February 3, 2014  (as Word doc)

For more information about Education Master Plan activities and links to resources, go to


Technical Assistance Events

December 6, 2013. Collective Collaboration for a Shared Future Workshop

Participating Effectively in District and College Governance:The Law, Regulation and Guidelines -- PowerPoint
Handout for Participating Effectively in District and College Governance
Whiteboard notes from Interactive Activities
Analyses of Scenarios
Wrap-Up: Next Steps


August 30, 2013. Scott Lay, President and CEO of the Community College League of California (CCLC), and Beth Smith, President of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) August 30, 2013

Links to Relevant Documents --

DRAFT selected notes





Resolutions approved by the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges - November 9, 2013
Informal record

11 of these resolutions concern ACCJC


Faculty Statement of Support for Maintaining CCSF's Accreditation


Summer 2013 report from FCMAT
(Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team)

Written report. July 26, 2013.
Rough notes on oral presentation at Board of Trustees. June 27, 2013.

2012 report from FCMAT




Reports on Participatory Governance Committee Meetings

As part of our responsibility to represent faculty in meetings of the Participatory Govenance Council and its committees, we are endeavouring to post informal meeting notes here soon after meetings occur. These are informal notes. Find official records of meetings on the Participatory Governance pages, usually posted after a subsequent meeting.


Participatory Governance Council February 20, 2014. Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Enrollment Management Committee February 10, 2014.  Informal notes by Carole Meagher. two handouts:
      Schedule Building Timeline              Printed Schedule Distribution

Participatory Governance Council January 16, 2014. Informal notes by Karen Saginor.



ASCCC Plenary

Fall 2013 Plenary was held November 7-9 in Irvine.

Informal Notes on the Statewide Plenary - Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges. April 18-20 at the SFO Westin
Resolution Results -- voting was on Saturday, April 20

Successful resolutions added to ASCCC resolutions at:





Flex Policies




  • Last year's Budget Planning Documents - From the District Business Office. See information on expenditures and activities disaggregated by campus -- be sure to read the footnotes and disclaimers for these documents.