Academic Senate

Academic Senate

In accordance with Title 5, Sections 53200 and 53203 and CCSF Board Policy 2.08, the CCSF Board of Trustees and its delegate, the Chancellor, consult collegially with the CCSF Academic Senate concerning academic and professional matters. Central to the collegial consultation process are meetings and other communication between Officers of the CCSF Academic Senate, and the Chancellor and members of the administration. Find a chart tracking the status of issues under consultation. For most items, additional information may be found in minutes of Acdemic Senate Executive Council meetings and in emails from the Academic Senate President to all faculty


What's Hot on Accreditation

Marketing Research conducted by Interact November 20 - December 5, 2013

Polling and Focus Groups [Summary]
Community Polling [Survey]
Image Research [Focus groups]


Educational Master Plan

Observations on the Environmental Scan -- External Trends Report.  k saginor February 3, 2014  (as Word doc)

For more information about Education Master Plan activities and links to resources, go to


Technical Assistance Events

December 6, 2013. Collective Collaboration for a Shared Future Workshop

Participating Effectively in District and College Governance: The Law, Regulation and Guidelines -- PowerPoint
Handout for Participating Effectively in District and College Governance
Whiteboard notes from Interactive Activities
Analyses of Scenarios
Wrap-Up: Next Steps


August 30, 2013. Scott Lay, President and CEO of the Community College League of California (CCLC), and Beth Smith, President of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) August 30, 2013

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DRAFT selected notes





Resolutions approved by the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges - November 9, 2013
Informal record

11 of these resolutions concern ACCJC


Faculty Statement of Support for Maintaining CCSF's Accreditation


Summer 2013 report from FCMAT
(Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team)

Written report. July 26, 2013.
Rough notes on oral presentation at Board of Trustees. June 27, 2013.

2012 report from FCMAT




Reports on Participatory Governance Committee Meetings

As part of our responsibility to represent faculty in meetings of the Participatory Govenance Council and its committees, we are endeavouring to post informal meeting notes here soon after meetings occur. These are informal notes. Find official records of meetings on the Participatory Governance pages, usually posted after a subsequent meeting.


Participatory Governance Council February 20, 2014. Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Enrollment Management Committee February 10, 2014.  Informal notes by Carole Meagher. two handouts:
      Schedule Building Timeline              Printed Schedule Distribution

Participatory Governance Council January 16, 2014. Informal notes by Karen Saginor.



ASCCC Plenary

Fall 2013 Plenary was held November 7-9 in Irvine.

Informal Notes on the Statewide Plenary - Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges. April 18-20 at the SFO Westin
Resolution Results -- voting was on Saturday, April 20

Successful resolutions added to ASCCC resolutions at:




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Academic Senate Committees



Learning Outcomes



Flex Policies




  • Last year's Budget Planning Documents - From the District Business Office. See information on expenditures and activities disaggregated by campus -- be sure to read the footnotes and disclaimers for these documents.