Participatory Governance

The institution recognizes and utilizes the contributions of leadership throughout the organization for continuous improvement of the institution. Governance roles are designed to facilitate decisions that support student learning programs and services and improve institutional effectiveness, while acknowledging the designated responsibilities of the governing board and the chief administrator.

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City College of San Francisco’s participatory governance system is action oriented and fosters collegiality and trust. It features simple transparent structures, and seeks the experience and expertise of a full range of diverse stakeholders with processes grounded in solid practices and effective outcomes. CCSF’s timely, evidence based dialogs empower participants to initiate student-centered improvements in education and services and to promote effective institutional operations. CCSF’s system promotes respect for and broad understanding of the recommendations that are made. The leadership of the college is committed to making recommendations and decisions free from undue or inappropriate influence.


The Participatory Governance Council’s purpose is to provide recommendations directly to the Chancellor on matters pertaining to institutional priorities, policies, planning, and budget development.


  • Coordinates the development of policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate alignment between the annual plan and budget
  • Participates in the development of college plans
  • Reviews the recommended annual budget
  • Participates in the regular assessment of accomplishments and outcomes
  • Reviews proposals that would significantly impact the campus community

Participatory and Constituency Groups