About The Concert And Lecture Series

 Mission Statement

The Concert and Lecture Series produces more than sixty events each year at more than half the college's campuses. Concert and Lecture Series events celebrate the many cultures and the superlative creativity found in the Bay Area; support the curriculum and student success by bringing masters at their craft to the college; address current issues and events in the world; and bring together the many diverse points of view found in our community. The Concert and Lecture Series reaches out to the community at large through public relations methods, and by inviting schools, City and County departments, public libraries and other organizations to participate in these events. All Concert and Lecture Series events are free and open to the public.


 Shared Governance Committee

Veronica Hunnicut / Dean of Student Affairs E-106 415.239.3762

Samuel Santos / Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs / SU-205 415.239.3680

Ms. Dean Bob Davis / Dean of Liberal Arts /A 301 / 415.239.3720

Barbara Hernandez / Classified Staff - Graphic Communication / MSN/ 415.920.6046

Mark Fan Librarian, Mission Campus Library / MSN415.920.6141

Gloria Weinstock / Chair, Theater Arts Department A-11 415.239.3100

Pamela Kamatani / Faculty, Music Dept. A-53 415.452.5393

Joanne Bilodeau Staff, Liberal Arts Department A-74 415.239.5527

Stephanie M. Lyons / Coordinator L-341 415.239.3580   

Julie Ainsbury/ Clerical Assistant / L-341 / 415.239.3580


Agendas & Minutes of Meetings