Message from the Chancellor

picture of Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman

Date:  March 15, 2013

To:  CCSF Community

Today, CCSF’s Show Cause report was submitted to the Accreditation Commission of Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).  The Show Cause report can be found on the CCSF accreditation website at the following link:

This report spells out the substantial number of fiscal, operational, and organizational reforms begun over the past eight months.  These include:

·         revising and focusing the College Mission Statement

·         creating a more effective, integrated, data-informed planning process with the Mission Statement and Program Review as central mechanisms for decision making that promotes institutional effectiveness

·         engaging in a comprehensive, College-wide effort to centralize the documentation, reporting, and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes that informs institutional planning

·         identifying and implementing changes to the delivery of student services to better promote student achievement and access by all students, regardless of location

·         developing more efficient administrative structures with greater authority and accountability

·         improving the management of physical resources, including the development of a model to determine total cost of ownership

·         creating a comprehensive plan for equipment maintenance, upgrade, and replacement

·         improving the College’s financial stability, integrity, and reporting

·         developing and implementing a new Participatory Governance system that is efficient, serves an advisory function, and promotes transparency , and

·         providing the Board of Trustees with opportunities to realize fully their appropriate role and responsibilities

This report, and the work it documents, has been a massive undertaking.   It would have been impossible without the labor, dialogue, and ideas from all of the college constituencies:  students, classified staff, faculty, administrators, and the Board of Trustees.  A sincere thank you for your many contributions to this effort! The larger San Francisco community has also stood with CCSF even through the most difficult times, demonstrating how much it treasures this institution.

There is much more work requiring focused attention.  Preparation for the accreditation visiting team in April and the ACCJC meeting in late June provide more opportunity for CCSF to demonstrate earnest progress with strengthening CCSF to ensure accreditation standards and eligibility requirements are addressed.   Beyond that, CCSF’s commitment to reform and accountability has to stay strong. CCSF needs to continue moving forward, never to return to the peril and uncertainty that have characterized these past few months.

Thanks to your hard work and commitment, I am confident that CCSF will emerge from this process as a stronger, greater institution.

Thank you.