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2013 Academic Senate Executive Council Elections


Academic Senate Elections - Voting is now Open!


2013 Academic Senate Executive Council Elections

With the buzz of accreditation, it may have gone unnoticed that the Academic Senate Executive Council elections are taking place. Voting is open from Monday, April 22 through Friday, May 3. Check your inbox for a link to the ballot, or find it through the Academic Senate Elections webpage <>.

 Take the time to select our faculty leaders for the coming year. It’s your Academic Senate–make your voice heard!


Email with comments or concerns.



Academic Senate Committee Openings and Appointments

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Executive  Council Nominations Extended to April 12 - Election Information

The Academic Senate Executive Council is seeking additional candidates and the deadline for nominations has been extended to April 12. Petitions for nomination now require just one signature.

Not sure about getting involved? Here's what faculty have to say about serving in the Senate:

“Being on the Executive Council has been a good experience for me, even though I thought that I didn't have enough knowledge to participate. Meeting faculty from other disciplines and about departmental concerns and issues has been the best part. We all have something to contribute. It's difficult, sometimes, to speak on behalf of my department, noncredit, and campuses, rather than myself, but I think I’m better for it and I have learned a lot about how things work at CCSF – or should work. I urge everyone to take the opportunity to serve.”
– Vivian Ikeda

“We need the great mix of people we have always had – young and old, experienced and new – to run for election to the Council.”
 – Ellen Wall

“The benefits for Council members include making a difference for student learning, gaining familiarity with many aspects of CCSF, and the sincere appreciation of your colleagues. The Council offers both civic engagement and life-long learning.
      Who will be representing your department next year on the Academic Senate Executive Council? Who will speak for the needs of the students you serve? We can do the best job for our college and our students if our Executive Council members are diverse in length of time at CCSF, ethnicity, experience, discipline, home campus, point of view and every other way.”
–  Karen Saginor

The deadline for Nomination Petitions has been extended to Friday, April 12 at 1:00 pm.
Follow this link to the Petition for Nomination Form:
or download the file here:

What will you do as a member of the Executive Council?
The Executive Council meetsevery other Wednesday afternoon, 2:30 to 5:00 to make recommendations to the administration and the Board of Trustees about academic and professional matters. The work of the Academic Senate is essential for meeting Accreditation Standards.

And find links to more Election information at

If you have questions about the election process or would like more information, please contact our election commissioners: James Armstrong; Alan D’Souza; or Lorraine Leber

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