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Retirement Soirée - Guest of Honor Julia Hudson – 30 Years of Public Service

Rudy Padilla,
DTN Business Tech & Communication Coordinator

The CCSF community came together on December 5th to recognize and congratulate Julia Hudson for three decades of dedicated public service.    Julia departs with a few words of wisdom worth recognition:

“What is retirement?  Retirement is not just a one day event.  It is the rest of our lives to conquer, to challenge, and evade defeat, by creating new ways and means to do, see, and discover whatever.  That’s what retirement is to me….retirement means that I’m just not tired, but I’m reaaallllllyyyyy retired!  I’m like an old tire in need of a new retread, and the most important thing to me, and this is from my heart, is  the depth of my appreciation of those who  offered me support, encouragement, and kindness so that I can continue to pay my mission forward…

Each one of you……in my heart, I appreciate each one of you.  You showed through your example the power of compassion. I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to help others to advance through learning…

Now here we are three decades later. I found my mission, this is it!  I’ve been living it.  It pains me to leave it.  But I must make room for others and embark on new challenges.

Some of my challenges will now be in the study of sleep-ology...television program-ology…walking the dog-ology…getting in the way of others-ology. It’s payback time world…

Just maybe, I’ll be able to check out all those senior discounts before the government figures out a way to outsource them.”

Bridge to Success Partnership Changes Lives!

By Ronald Drucker, Instructor, Chemistry Department, Ocean Campus

Co-Director, Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program

Hosea Nelson’s high school teachers didn’t nominate him for awards at his class graduation ceremony—in fact he stayed home that night, a dropout in his senior year. heHe’d been an All-State athlete in track, but classes bored him. Still, he earned his GED at City College, and after taking a geology class and liking it, he decided to try some chemistry classes.


For Armann Andaya the story was similar. He made it through high school, but nobody was predicting that he’d be successful down the road. He too came to City College and started taking science classes.


What a difference ten years can make. Hosea visited to CCSF earlier this year to describe his doctoral research in Caltech’s chemistry department, where he achieved remarkable results in natural products synthesis. He now has a postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley and he’s aiming for a top-tier academic job. Armann spoke to a City College audience last month, the ink barely dry on his Ph.D. from UC Davis, where he’s continuing his biological research while job offers keep coming in from biotech companies.


Hosea and Armann are alumni of the Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program, a partnership among CCSF, San Francisco State University, and several other community colleges, that began in 1993. With funding from the National Institutes of Health, the program recruits students from groups that are underrepresented in the sciences, including African-Americans, Latina/os, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders. These students work with faculty mentors, attend challenging research seminars, and receive financial support to carry out summer research at SFSU, Cal, and other institutions.


During the past two months, these students’ abilities have been on display on the national stage.  In early October, three recent participants—Vanessa Cota, Adriana Garcia, and Anael Rizzo, presented their findings at the annual SACNAS meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Vanessa was chosen to receive a special award for the quality of her work. Seven more Bridges students traveled to Nashville in early November to give similar presentations at the ABRCMS national meeting:  Monique Ceberio, Bayardo Gutierrez-Garay, Estella Orpilla, Arturo Ruvalcava, Alan Saunders, Cleve Sherman, and Brandon Young. Here too the City College cohort included a winner of a special award, which went to Monique Ceberio.


All ten of these student presenters have either transferred to four-year universities this fall or expect to do so within a year or two. Over the life of the program 70% of the participants have transferred to four-year institutions, and of those students, 78% have graduated with degrees in biomedical sciences. More than 40% of the graduates have entered advanced degree programs with excellent results:

            •  9 students have earned Ph.D.’s (with 10 more still at work on their degrees).

            • 13 students have earned MD degrees.

            • 14 students have earned degrees in pharmacy, dentistry, or osteopathy.

            • 30 students have earned Masters degrees in a variety of scientific fields.


CCSF Performance Piece in the Diego Rivera Theater

Pat Wynne, Labor Studies

Director, Pat Wynne, is proud to present the Labor Heritage/Rockin' Solidarity Chorus, that will perform its Great Migration-MoTown and Michael Moore performance piece on December 19 at 7:00pm, in the Diego Rivera Theater at CCSF. 

The chorus is joined by wonderful actor and singers, such as: Charles Alston, Johnella Brooks, and Vukani Mawetho, Marilyn Reynolds, and Alex and Harriet Bagwell.

This is a wonderful piece of African American history mixed with MoTown music, spirituals, and folk genre. It will include personal stories about the Migration, as well as a selection from Michael Moore's memoir that pulls it all together.

We start at 6:30pm with a pot-luck dinner. Food and performance are free to the public. 

We invite everyone to come and enjoy this wonderful moment.


New Exhibition at the City College Art Gallery

Nancy Eliot, Art Department

Alternative Process: Curated by Claire Brees

Exhibition Dates: November 12-December 11, 2013

Exhibiting Artists: Sohyung Choi, David D’Andrade, Amy Wilson Faville, Liz Hickok, Alex Jackson, Laura Plageman, Frances Valesco, and Jon Wessel

Exhibition Location: City College Art Gallery, City College of San Francisco, Visual Arts Building, v119, 50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco

Gallery Hours:

Monday 10:30am-1:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday 12:45pm-3:45pm; 4:00pm-7pm;

Wednesday 11:30am-3:00pm; 5:30pm-7:30pm


Phone: (415) 239-3156


Free and wheelchair accessible

Press only: More info, jpegs, or access to the artists, please contact Gallery Director, Nancy Mizuno Elliott at

 Curator’s Statement:

Alternative Process brings together a diverse group of artists whose work addresses personal histories, reconfigured landscapes, as well as a range of socio-political and cultural issues. Their work is linked through the use or inclusion of various photographic processes, generally in concert with other media and methods.