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The last issue of City Currents in the 2009-2012 newspaper format was DEcember 18, 2012. Due to the loss of Faculty Release Time, Patricia Arack is no longer able to continue as Editor. As part of a new marketing strategy, 2013 City Currents will be a much shorter news bulletin-type publication or an email blast. Contact Gohar Momjian for more information about changes and submissions for the new format. --Editor.

 Message from Gohar Momjian, Supervisor for City Currents:  

Thank you Patricia!

Please join me in thanking Patricia Arack for her three and one-half years of service and passion keeping City College updated on news, events, and important  initiatives through City Currents.  Her dedication and commitment to the College is greatly appreciated! 


Gohar Momjian
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Office of Marketing/Public Information