Questions & Answers

  1. What is the parcel tax?

    • The Parcel Tax is an annual $79 (now $99 until 2032) flat tax administered imposed on 196,173 taxable properties in San Francisco from 2013 to 2016 (in 2015-2016, the 196,173 parcels is derived from the total 206,202 parcels, minus 10,029 non-taxable parcels (5,044 non-taxable + 7 exempted + 4,978 timeshare)).

  2. What is the impact of Parcel Tax on the City College?

    • The Parcel Tax funds salaries, benefits, classes, equipment, technology upgrades and related expenses.

  3. Who is NBS?

    • NBS is our private special tax administrator that works with government agencies around California.

  4. Where do I go to apply for a parcel tax exemption?

  5. Is there a list of classes funded?

  6. What is Senate Bill 165?

    • SB 165 details the dos and don'ts of parcel tax reporting and spending.

  7. Where can I go to talk about the parcel tax or add suggestions for reporting?

    • Come to our upcoming Parcel Tax Committee meeting