Board Agenda March 2014

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Table of Contents

Amended March 24, 2014


I Approval of Minutes

February 2014


II Consent Agenda Items



57 - Approval of Contracts for Expenditures from Unrestricted Funds.

58 - Authorization to contract with peerTransfer to provide international students with an easy payment solution for their educational expenses

- Attachment

59 - Authorize to contract with Vavrinek Trine Day & Co., LLP (VTD) in the annualamount of $175,000 to perform the District’s annual audit for the fiscal years ending June 30, 3014 and June 30, 2015

60 - Authorization to contract with the City and County of San Francisco for the collection of the City College of San Francisco’s Parcel Tax revenue assessments on the city of San Francisco’s property tax rolls

61 - Authorization for one (1) new construction related service contract that is more than $60,000

62 - Review of Purchase Orders that have been issued in accordance with Board Policy and Administrative Procedures from January 10, 2014 through February 11, 2014


63- Approval of Contracts for Expenditures from Unrestricted Funds (Added March 24, 2014)

64- Approval of Incoming Restricted Funds (Grants and Contract Education)

- Attachment

65 - Approval of Contracts for Expenditures from Restricted Funds as required by Grant Funding or Contract Education

66 - Approval of course and program items recommended by the College Curriculum Committee

67 - Approval of Tenures Status for Selected Faculty Members (Added March 24, 2014)

68 - Approval of Contract Extensions for Selected Faculty members (Added March 24, 2014)



69 - Acceptance of Employee Resignation or Resignation with Intent to Retire.

70 - Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit/Non-Credit Program - District Funded City College of San Francisco - Temporary Hourly Assignments, Academic Employees: General Fund, Unrestricted. (Amended March 24, 2014)

71 - Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit/Non-Credit Program - City College of San Francisco - Temporary Hourly Assignments,  Academic Employees



III  Information Items:


IV  Reports from Constituent Groups

  Academic Senate President Fred Teti’s Report                                                  
IV-B   Classified Senate President James Rogers' Report