Board Agenda July 2014

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Table of Contents

 July 24, 2014 (AMENDED July 22, 2014)

I Approval of Minutes

June 26, 2014 


II Consent Agenda Items



131 – Approval of Contracts for Expenditures from Unrestricted Funds

132 - Authorization to approve new contracts and modify existing contracts

133 – Annual major maintenance service activity for Information Technology Services at a total cost not to exceed $949,129

134 – Authorization to award contract to Best Contracting Services, Inc. for $350,807 for the Ocean Avenue Campus Orfalea Family Center Reroof Project

135 – Authorization to renew rental agreement with the Fort Mason Center
Projects Inc. for the period of July 1, 2014 through May 31, 2017

136 – Authorization to renew rental agreement for use of space by City College of San Francisco from San Francisco Unified School District for fiscal year 2014-2015

137 – Authorization to enter into an extended rental agreement for the use of space at 1800 Oakdale Avenue by City College of San Francisco as its Southeast Center

138 – Authorization to assign existing lease agreement between City College of San Francisco and 1st Stockton & Clay LLC for the 880 Clay Street property to Wu Yee Children’s Services of California

139 – Annual adoption of the District’s Five Year Capital Outlay Construction Plan submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office

Attachment A & B

140 - Review of Purchase Orders that have been issued in accordance
with Board Policy and Administrative Procedures from June 14, 2014 through July 14, 20


141 - Approval of Incoming Restricted Funds (Grants and Contract Education)


142 – Approval of Contracts for Expenditures from Restricted Funds as required by Grant Funding or Contract Education


143 – Local agreement for Child Development Services from the State of California, Department of Education Child Development Division, for Child Development Services for fiscal year 2014-2015

144 – Acceptance of Gifts/Donations





145 – Appointment - Educational Administrator – President Campus & Centers       


146 – Replacement – Educational Administrator – Dean School of ESL, International Education & Transitional Studies


147 – Educational Administrator – Reassignment from administrative position and Reassignment to faculty position
148 – Acceptance of Employee Resignations or Resignations with Intent to Retire
149 -  Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit/Non-Credit Program -  District Funded City College of San Francisco – Temporary Hourly Assignments, Academic Employees: General Fund, Unrestricted

150 – Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit/Non-Credit Program – City College of San Francisco – Temporary Hourly Assignments, Academic Employees


151– Recommend adoption of modified terms and conditions of employment for classified salaries of employees not paying into retirement

152 – Recommend adoption of modified terms and conditions for employment for Civil Service Classifications 1402, 1404, 1406, 1422, 1424 and 1426
II- F  


153 – Proposed Renumbering of Board Policy from BP3.32 to BP 2.14 Drug and Alcohol-Free Work Place and College Environment with all the wordings intact for a better subject alignment


III Action Items:


IV  Information Items:


V  Reports from Constituent Groups

  Academic Senate President Lilian Marrujo-Duck's Report