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Board Agenda for the month of August

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AUGUST 22nd at 5:00 PM**

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August 2013 Agenda










Approval of Incoming Restricted Funds (Grants and Contract Education)



Approval of Outgoing Restricted Funds (Grants and Contract Education)



Approval of Contracts for Expenditures from Unrestricted Funds


Authorization to contract with DecoTech Systems for the purchase of HP Networking Switches at a cost not to exceed $61,000.  This purchase will be funded by proceeds of the 2001 Bond.


Procurement of Equipment, Supplies and Services, Etc., less than $3000


Procurement of Equipment, Supplies and Services, Etc., more than or equal to $3000



Disposal of Equipment



Authorization to establish wage rates/premiums and benefits for position(s)
stated below for Fiscal Year 2013-2014


Non-Education Administrator Appointment



Academic Administrator Appointment



Interim Academic Administrator Appointment



Interim Academic Administrator Appointment



Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit Program/Non-Credit Program, District Funded City College of San Francisco Temporary Hourly Assignments – Academic Employees: General Fund, Unrestricted


Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit Program/Non-Credit Program, City College of San Francisco Temporary Hourly Assignments – Academic Employees


G.   Acceptance of Employee Resignation or Resignation with the Intent to Retire  


Authorization to increase student fees for GED testing from $75 to $140

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Recommend adopting additional Department Chair Appointments & Stipends for school year 2013-2014



Authorization for one (1) contract modification totaling $47,248 for Special Services Contracts and Construction Contracts






A.    Accreditation Update: Accreditation Liaison Office Gohar Momjian

On July 3, 2013, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) announced its decision to terminate City College of San Francisco's accreditation effective July 31, 2014, approximately one year from now. The Commission's decision is not yet final.

Per ACCJC’s Policy on the Review of Commission Actions, and by the July 31 deadline, City College submitted its request for review of the Commission’s adverse action to terminate accreditation.  The College has 21 days to prepare a letter of justification for that review documenting its reasons, and will notify the college community when that letter has been sent and received.  The review and appeal process could take many months.  

The Accreditation Liaison Officer is working with the State Chancellor’s Office to develop a streamlined restoration plan based on the action plans it provided in the Show Cause Report.  The restoration plans provide further guidance and an accelerated schedule in some cases to complete work as quickly as possible.  The plans are intended to be available in the near future and will be shared with the CCSF community as well as the public.

The Accreditation Committee held its first meeting of the semester and discussed the status of accreditation, ways to communicate more effectively with the College community, and previewed the Smartsheet management tool to track progress on CCSF’s accreditation action plans, which will guide the institution toward compliance with standards.   After Flex day, the Accreditation Liaison Officer, will be sending college wide emails and updates, as well as placing online documents to track CCSF’s progress on completing its Action Plans.  

There has been an overwhelming response from college members and community members asking how they can help the college during this challenging time of transformation.   Below are a few responses:

  • All members of the San Francisco community can help – Tell everyone you know that the College is open, accredited and enrolling students!  Take a class, enroll at
  • Administrators, faculty, and staff can do their part
    • Support your unit to meet improvement objectives – these are in your program reviews and also part of the Show Cause action plans, primarily under the responsibility of administration; active support and cooperation to complete these items are needed
    • Participate in program review and the improvement process for student outcomes
      •   Find and bookmark your departmental or unit web page, get involved in the data and assessment process, actively work to make it better.
      • Meet the August 31st deadline for Assessment Reporting for ALL college-wide SLO activities that happened in Spring/Summer 2013 and plans for Fall 2013.
      • Instructional Departments: Kick that old course outline to the curb. If you are teaching from an outline more than 6 years old, volunteer to update the outline!
      • Instructional Departments: If applicable, participate in the Fall 2013 coordinated assessment of Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) 1: Critical Thinking and Information Competency.  
      • Attend Academic Senate SLO Committee meetings to help develop ongoing processes for sustainability and authenticity and help the College meet the standards.
    • Visit and stay informed with best practices, and participate in the assessment dialogue
    • Participate in various governance committees 
    • Voice your commitment to meet accreditation standards

During the past six weeks, City College has focused its efforts on communications with all stakeholders that CCSF remains open, accredited and enrolling students.   An expanded advertising campaign is taking place to help boost enrollment.  City College has placed ads in neighborhood newspapers, SF Examiner, SF Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, El Mensajero (Spanish), Sing Tao Daily (Chinese), World Journal (Chinese), Hecho en California and Sound of Hope radio, billboards throughout San Francisco, movie theaters, Pandora, Facebook, Comcast cable, several radio stations, direct targeted emails to our re-admit students.  The College also has support with additional radio ads from the State Chancellor’s campaign. 


The College is launching phase two of advertising campaign with 1,000 Muni interior bus cards with space donated by Muni. Cards will be in placed in September. Messaging will remain Open, Accredited and Enrolling with a focus on Late Start, Short-term and non-credit classes throughout the fall semester.   With the leadership of faculty, the San Francisco Giants also broadcasted the CCSF message, as well have assisted with distributing class schedules throughout the City.

Accreditation information is updated and posted on



Monthly Financial Report: Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Peter Goldstein

Work is ongoing to close the College’s books for FY 2012-13 and to stay on schedule for the completion of a financial audit prior to the state’s December 31st deadline. 

Work needed to update the tentative budget, so that a final budget may be completed before the September 15th state deadline, is also ongoing. This work includes activities such as assigning location codes to expenses so that cost by location can be more easily calculated, updating personnel accounts to accurately reflect efforts to reorganize portions of the college’s management structure, and revisiting non-personnel accounts to accurately allocate expected costs into the appropriate accounts.

At the State Chancellor’s Annual Budget Workshop conducted at Sierra College on Thursday August 8th, the following information was provided:

  • The final deficit factor for FY 2012-13 has still not been determined and will depend on current negotiations with the State Department of Finance related to backfill for the shortfall of redevelopment agency funds.  There is a substantial difference in the amount the State Chancellor’s Office expects and the amount the Department of Finance has estimated.
  • Final allocations of new funds for FY2013-14 for instructional equipment, and scheduled maintenance will not be available until October but preliminary information shows an allocation of $430K in each category for San Francisco.
  • Final allocations of new funds for each district for FY2013-14 for student success (matriculation), DSPS, and EOPS will not be available until at least October and possibly much later.  This is due to a vacant position at the State Chancellor’s Office that administers this calculation.  Colleges will not be permitted to carry these funds forward into the next fiscal year.
  • The Legislative Analyst’s Office and Schools Services of California have both reported that they expect state general fund revenues to continue to increase over the next three years.
  • The State Chancellor’s Office has prepared its preliminary budget request for FY 2014-15. The request will include $240M for a “Super COLA” to regain purchasing lost during years without COLA, $150M for restoration of categorical programs, $110M for enrollment access, and $100M for buying down deferred payments to districts.

Finally the College has decided not to pursue Tax Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANs) to assist with cash flow needs during FY 2013-14 and will instead rely on short-term borrowing from the County Treasury.  This decision was necessary due to the unfavorable interest rates the College faced if it issued TRANs.  These unfavorable rates were directly attributable to the college’s accreditation issues.









Administrative Structure – Over the past academic year many changes have been implemented to the District’s administrative structure to improve planning, oversight, leadership, efficiency, and accountability.  As a result thereof, Interim Chancellor Scott-Skillman is recommending the following changes to the Chancellor’s Division:

1)    eliminating the position - Executive Assistant to the Chancellor position;

2)    adding the position – Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Development – to oversee and provide administrative leadership to Institutional Effectiveness, Marketing, Grants, and Community Relations units;

3)    re-classifying the position* – Dean of Human Resources to Associate Vice Chancellor Human Resources. 

4)    reclassifying the position* – Associate Dean of Employee Relations to Dean of Employee Relations; and

5)    reorganize and change the position classification - Dean Community Relations to Director Community Relations.

* This action is permissible through Title 5. §53021 “(c) 3. A position which is currently occupied by an incumbent is upgraded, reclassified, or renamed without significantly altering the duties performed by the individual.

(See Appendix A)

RECOMMENDATION:  That the proposed re-organization of the Chancellor’s Division be approved as illustrated in Appendix A – Administrative Structure – Chancellor’s Division.







Fred Teti, Academic Senate President:

The Academic Senate enjoyed a well-attended plenary session during Flex Day. In particular, we received an update from our SLO Coordinators urging all faculty to ensure that all currently-ongoing SLO assessment achieve "Stage 2" so that we can demonstrate Proficiency.

The faculty look forward to contributing whatever we can to the activities associated with the newly-released Restoration Plan. We confess to some puzzlement as to why so few of the action plans have responsible agents associated with them. There are other concerns as well. We look forward to an improved version to be released soon.

Finally, the faculty were heartened tremendously to learn about the Department of Education's letter to Dr. Beno. We know that it might not affect our accreditation status. Nonetheless, it improved our morale and gave us new confidence about the potential outcome of the review & appeal process.