Board Goals & College Priorities

Adopted 9/22/16

The following Board Goals and College Priorities provide direction for the Board and Chancellor for the coming year, inform Board meeting agenda and workshop planning, and support the District’s primary goals for 2016-17. The goals and priorities will be criteria in the 2017 Board Self-Evaluation, asking Trustees to reflect on progress. 

Overarching Board Values

1.       Sustainability

2.       Diversity

3.       Academic Excellence and Integrity

4.       Competitive compensation for all employee groups comprising the college’s workforce


Board Goals

1. Provide direction and support for the Chancellor to address any recommendations from the accrediting commission related to recommendations for  
    continuous ongoing improvement. 

2. Ensure that the mission and vision reflect current community needs and is clearly articulated.

3. Foster a climate of respect, trust, and openness by modeling civility, respect and collaboration.

4. Expect and support effective and ongoing Board and Chancellor communication.

5. Monitor college progress toward college priorities in the following areas:
           Enrollment and Marketing
           Student Learning and Success
           Administrative Stabilization
           Accreditation Recommendations

6. Continue to ensure current and future fiscal stability, including expecting and supporting plans that address shifts in enrollment patterns and funding.

7. Provide information regarding the impact of the extension of the parcel tax.

8. Ensure orientation and support for any new Board members.


College Priorities*

1. Maintain accreditation.

2. Grow enrollment.

3. Advance student success and achievement.

4. Enhance internal and external relationships.

*Additional descriptors may be added.