Risk Management

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Risk Management's purpose is to reduce the exposure to unforeseen loss to the District, its employees, students, and visitors, to the greatest extent possible and to eliminate the unanticipated financial impact of losses.

We do this by being a resource to the District in the areas of general risk management, loss prevention and control, claims, and insurance.

Risk Management procures and manages the District's property and casualty insurance program and responds and handles notices of claims received by the District.

Accident or Incident?

If an accident or incident occurs:

after emergency response

call (415) 487-2482 or message me

so I can help you through the process. 


Here's the ongoing risk management process:

  1. Scan environment
  2. Identify risks or potential risks
  3. Analyse risks
  4. Treat the risks
  5. Monitor 

Your observations might really help someone, so if you identify a risk, please tell me about it: call (415) 487-2482 or message me .