Recycle Center

As global and local concerns of environmental issues associated with municipal solid waste (MSW) remain forefront; City College San Francisco is mindful of its part on both resource material use and waste generation. In recognizing that many of the college’s day-to-day operations and activities contribute to the overall impacts on the environment; the Recycling Center works to provide a measured response to these concerns.

Acknowledging the importance of action as well as education, the department strives to support a culture of sustainability, promoting “Best Practice” operations that maximize institutional effectiveness to increase recycling, and facilitate campus wide discussion on environmental performances and sustainable waste management.

The Recycling Center is committed to the reduction of waste, the advancement of a sustainable Zero Waste college community and creating a work environment where we can best serve our students and insure a healthy environment for current and future generations.

Get Involved

CCSF depends on your involvement to make a sustainable college. Get involved and send us your suggestions and questions.