This page provides information about facilities systems or equipment that is out of service, and what we know about when service will be restored.

Chinatown / North Beach Center Annex Auditorium Closed Until Further Notice

  • The Annex Auditorium is closed until further notice (December 2016)
  • The Auditorium is unoccupiable due to water leaks from the second floor Kitchen.
  • Updates on repairs and timelines will be reported as they become available.

Gough Street HR Side Air Handler Out of Service

  • The air handler that provides heat and ventilation to the HR side of the building is out of service.
  • Engineers are sourcing replacement parts and will execute repairs as soon as possible.
  • Meanwhile, ventilation is provided through whole building airflow and perimeter windows.

John Adams Center Chair Lifts Out of Service

  • The chair lifts serving the lowest level of the East and West wings of the main building are out of service.
  • The elevator service company is working to repair / recommission these lifts.

Ocean Batmale Hall Flooding

  • A broken heating water pipe on the 4th floor caused significant flooding (September 24).
  • Room L349 is out of commission due to flood damage. Behavioral Sciences classes scheduled in L349 have been relocated as follows:
    • PSYC 1-012  1210-1300 (Kimberly Smith) - BATL 653
    • PSYC 1-010  1310-1600 (Karin Hu) - BNGL 702
    • ANTH 3-001 1810-2100 (Natalie Cox) - BNGL 702
  • Faculty offices on the 4th, 3rd and 2nd floors have been impacted. Please work with your Dean on temporary accommodations.

Ocean Batmale Hall Elevators - Intermittent Failures

  • Both elevators are experiencing intermittent failures (September 6).
  • Replacement parts are on order and will be installed by the elevator service company upon receipt to improve service reliability.
  • In the meantime, Engineering Services is monitoring and resetting the elevators as needed and when possible.

Ocean Cloud Hall 3rd Floor Air Conditioning Unit Out of Service

  • The air conditioning unit that provides cooling to the 3rd floor is currently off-line (September 6)
  • Repairs are underway. 

Ocean Conlan Hall Heating

  • Heat is manually deactivated to parts of the building while faulty actuators are sourced and installed (August 25)
  • The affected areas are:
    • 2nd Floor South (Counseling)
    • 2nd Floor North (Chancellor's Office Suite)

Ocean Creative Arts - Classroom and Office Heat Issues

  • Creative Arts Building - Radiator Valve Failures
    • We are aware of radiator isolation and/or control valve failures, resulting in lack of heat to some spaces.
    • Stationary Engineers must access rooms and open radiators to troubleshoot the problem(s), in order to make repairs.
    • Crews are working on troubleshooting and repairs. As of September 14th, we've made their way through about 15% of the equipment.

Ocean Creative Arts - Diego Rivera Theater Heat Issues

  • Creative Arts Building Radiator Valve Failures
    • Heating hot water distribution piping flows are unusually low.
    • Stationary Engineers are commissioning mechanical contractors to replace strainers and make other modifications to increase flows.

Ocean Arts Extension - Heat Issues

  • Creative Arts Extension Heating System Failures
    • A steam pipe leak inside the building must be repaired. We are getting a service contractor under contract to implement those repairs.

Ocean Creative Arts Chair Lift is Out of Service

  • Chair lift is out of service, red-tagged by the State Elevator Inspector.
  • The elevator service company is investigating recommissioning this chair lift.

Ocean Rosenberg Library / LRC Air Conditioning Issues

  • Chilled water flows are unusually low.
  • Stationary Engineers are troubleshooting and making repairs to increase flows.
  • Heating and ventilation in the building are not affected.

Ocean Student Union Chair Lift Out of Service

  • Chair lift is out of service.
  • With the 2017-18 fiscal year, we've changed the elevator service company.
  • The elevator service company is investigating recommissioning this chair lift.