Public Safety Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

The Public Safety outcomes-assessment process is documented and described below.

Assessment results and progress are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports with highlights each year in our Program Review.

Department Mission:

The Public Safety Department provides law enforcement and security at CCSF District facilities. These services include providing both personal safety as well as the protection of district property.  Also, the department oversees certain areas of the parking and alarm services. The Public Safety Department is also the lead coordinators of the Emergency Services program.

Program Outcomes

These programs areas are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised.

Service Areas

  • Dispatch Services
  • Patrol Services
  • Department Administrative Services (training, crime tracking and reporting, parking, etc.)

Program Outcomes

The CCSF community will be able to:

  • Access  annual crime statistics
  • Identify current safety threats through the crime alert process
  • Receive prompt, courteous, and effective responses to requests and inquiries (emergency and nonemergency)
  • Feel confident in public safety efforts at CCSF campuses
  • Locate valid parking areas
  • Easily access necessary parking permits

Public Safety Officers will be able to:

  • Complete 100% of mandatory state training
  • Successfully complete campus-specific training