Emergency Procedures

Reporting Emergencies

If you're on or near any CCSF campuses, dial (415) 239-3200 for all emergencies, using campus telephones or personal cell phones. Look for campus emergency telephones, located in buildings around the campus. You can also dial 911 to report an emergency.


Building Evacuation

emergency exit logo

  • When the building alarm sounds or when asked to evacuate by a member of the Building Emergency Team or Emergency Responder, walk quickly and calmly to the nearest safe exit
  • Use stairs, not elevator
  • Ask persons who may be disabled, if they require assistance. Provide reaonable aid. Station disabled pesons in the stairway landing. If unable to safely evacuate, immediately notify Police / Fire personnel and the Building Coordinator of their location. If possible, have someone stay with the person.
  • Evacu-Track chairs are available to assist in the evacuation of disabled persons.
  • Disabled persons requiring assistance should identify themselves to Emergency Personnel or others willing to assist.


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  • Drop, cover and hold until the shaking stops.
  • Avoid windows (face avay from glass), tall furniture and overhead hazards.
  • If possible, take cover under a sturdy desk or table or seek refuge along an interior wall and cover your head
  • Do not immediately evacuate. Wait for the shaking to stop and check for hazards before exiting.


fire logo

  • At the first sign of fire, evacuate the building, activate the fire alarm as you leave.
  • Do not use elevators, use stairs.
  • Feel closed doors with the back of your hand. If not, do not open doors; find another escape route.
  • If trapped in the building, hang an article of clothing, towel, sheet etc. from a window to signal Emergency Responders. Stay close to the floor. Shout at regular intervals to alert Emergency Personnel.

Hazardous Materials Release

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  • Immediately notify Campus Police
  • Evacuate affected area and seal it off, if possible.
  • If you have been exposed to the material, immediately notify emergency personnel. Remain in the immediate area, but away from the contamination. Avoid contact with others.

NOTE: Lab instructors or supervisors - isolate conaminated persons, obtain names and notify emergency personnel.

Bomb Threats

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  • Scan your work area for unfamiliar items
  • Do not touch suspicious packages / items. Notify Campus Police.
  • Take personal belongings, if intructed to evacuate.
  • If you receive a telephone threat - try to keep the caller talking and ask:
    1. When is the bomb going to explode?
    2. Where is the bomb?
    3. What does the bomb look like?
    4. Why did you place the bomb?

NOTE: Anything that may aid in identification, such as background sounds, accents etc.