October 31, 2013

To:        The CCSF College Community

From:    Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman, Interim Chancellor



Student Learning Outcomes:


On October 16th, the Bipartite Committee on Graduation Requirements approved the newly revised General Education Student Learning Outcomes for Area C -- Natural Sciences.  These outcomes were revised and updated as part of the work of the GE-Area C workgroup, led by Chantilly Apollon. Congratulations, and thanks for all the hard work!



New GE-Area C outcomes:


Notes from the GE-Area C Workgroup:





The College has moved forward on a significant number of items that will help to bring the college into compliance with the Accreditation Commission’s standards.  Below is a short description of progress that has been made in various areas. 


ACCJC Standard I Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

-Program review ranked priorities for funding were included in the 2013-14 Final Budget;

 -Moving forward into the second cycle of our integrated planning system;

 -Implementing program review improvements;

 -Conducting a 2nd reading of CCSF’s mission and vision statements;

 -Released RFP to develop an Education Master Plan


ACCJC Standard II Student Learning Programs and Services

 -Assessment work continuing on Student Learning Outcomes, Institutional Learning Outcomes, Administrative Unit Outcomes, and General Education Outcomes;

 -In the August 31 assessment reports, programs mapped their Program SLOs to Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) #1 -- Critical Thinking. This Fall these programs are assessing these mapped ILOs as part of an ongoing assessment, which will be reported on during Spring 2014;

 -The SLO Coordinators and General Education Outcomes (GEO) workgroups are completing their final report on the Spring 2013 assessment of General Education Outcomes (Area C);

 -New one-stop enrollment and retention approach implemented in August by reassigning counseling and classified staff hours; 

 -Reorganization of counseling services under one program;

 -Began student payment program via Nelnet that will recoup past unpaid student fees


ACCJC Standard III Resources

-Close to completion of hiring for positions as stated in Spring 2013 reorganization, includes 13 of 18 positions filled in Academic Affairs Division (note that this includes the hire of a permanent Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs); includes 8 of 11 positions filled in Student Development Division (includes the hire of a permanent Vice Chancellor of Student Development)

 -New Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration began duties at end of October;

 -Ongoing hiring processes to complete administrative positions;

 -Many positions being filled with help from the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, including director of payroll, four payroll clerks and an internal auditor;

 -Recruitment is underway for a general counsel, controller, and chief technology officer;

 -Comprehensive technology assessment by Ellucian completed


ACCJC Standard IV Leadership and Governance

 -Special Trustee who continues to make final decisions on behalf of District;

 -Permanent Chancellor selected;

 -Participatory operational guidelines established


The College continues to be in the review process with the Accrediting Commission and submitted its contingency plan, called the Closure Report to the Commission, on time (October 14) per the July 3, 2013 decision letter.   The College must remain focused on completing its action plans, meeting improvement objectives, and making as much progress as possible in order for any decision to be reconsidered in the future.


Mission & Vision

The mission and vision review for this year has been completed.  The Special Trustee approved the inclusion of ILO language recommended by the Participatory Governance Council.


Education Master Plan

The College will soon engage in an education master planning process.  Some have referred to this as the “open plan” that will help CCSF to navigate into the future.  A detailed request for proposals (RFP) to contract for needed support was developed with input from the Planning Committee, the Participatory Governance Council, and the Academic Senate.  Activities include data collection and analysis, extensive interviews, development of scenarios, and facilitation of college-wide discussions.  More information about this project and how the College community will be involved is forthcoming. 



 ·    Nearing completion of the implementation and deployment of ARGOS reporting software.  

 ·     Passed budget on 10-10-2013 for fiscal year 2013-2014. This budget includes an 8-Year plan to stabilize our reserves and includes cost center reports.

·    A Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds and a Plumber were hired.

 ·   The hiring process is underway to hire a Senior Stationary Engineer, two Electricians, one Custodial supervisor, and four Custodians.

 ·    A computer-based work order system is being implemented with a tentative rollout date of November 2012 by the I.T. department.

 ·   Repair and/or replacement of some antiquated building systems are underway.

 ·    The creation of departmental policies and procedures for future implementation are underway.

 ·     Following an RFQ process, three architectural firms are under contract to clear up the college’s backlog of completed capital projects that have not been officially closed out with the Division of the State Architect.



 1. Program Review / Business Plan for the Centers is in process.  The cost of ownership has been calculated for all Centers (information furnished by the business office) (completed).


2. A Grants Mangers and staff meeting was held to bring all of the workforce training grants under the Associate Vice Chancellor of Centers/Workforce & Economic Development Division together to: share their projects, identify areas of collaboration, identify areas of concern to be addressed, and begin to share dialogue and resources.  The first meeting was a great success.  The next meeting will be December 2013.


3. Grants Managers have come together to identify ways to address the needs identified in two regional grant RFAs to be released next month.  This is the first time that applying for a grant has been done in collaboration with many departments and not in isolation.


4. The Center Deans are meeting weekly to share/discuss issues of importance, work on projects and program review, receive needed training, and develop a holistic approach to serving the community through the Centers.


5. Center Deans and School Deans have been meeting to work collaboratively to identify and meet the needs of the students across all locations.  Center Deans and Student Services will meet in two weeks to begin the same discussion and determine how best to supervise student services staff assigned to the centers, and share resources.




 Processed Academic Hires - Fall 2013:


Part Time Pool Hires:  39
Emergency Hires:  29




New Chancellor, Dr. Arthur Q. Tyler, October 24, 2013 Board Agenda, effective November 1, 2013


Administrator Hires: (on October 31, 2013 Board Agenda)

 Dean John Adams and Civic Centers – Carl Jew

 Interim Associate Dean, Student Activities – Sara Henry

 Dean School of Business,  Technology, Fashion, & Hospitality – Kimberly Harvell

 Interim Associate Dean Instructional Support Services – Christopher Cox



Administrator Hires Outstanding:

 Associate Dean Financial Aid

 Associate Dean Human Resources

 Associate Dean Student Activities

 Associate Dean Instructional Support

 Dean Employee Relations

 Dean ESL/International

 Dean Financial Aid

 General Counsel





 Administrators – 6

 Full Time – 56

 Part Time – 39

 Total=107 (processed as of 10/25/13)

 FCMAT Recommendation (Employee Benefits Confirmation) – Please Note Clarification:

 Eligibility & enrollment policy/procedures are outlined in Benefits Guide on-line (as of August 2013), Academic New Hire packets, Academic/Classified Handbooks, and one-on-one during enrollment with Benefits Analyst.




Processed Classified HIRES - Fall 2013:

Full Time – 10

Part Time – 6


Attended Department of Human Resources (DHR) Training – September 13, 2013



Combined Charities Campaign – runs through October, pledge forms are still being accepted


My tenure comes to an end today.  It certainly has been an interesting journey.  I have met many dedicated employees focused on moving CCSF forward.  While the challenges are many, I am confident they are all doable.  Doing so will re-establish the fine reputation and credibility that this institution has been recognized for throughout the community college system.  I wish CCSF and all its employees much success as you move forward to anchor stability and sustainability of this incredible institution.