Civic Objectives and Additional Assessment Plan Information COAAPS for Program Year 2012-13

City College of San Francisco 2012-2013 Program COAPPS:

General Information about COAAPS
  1. CCSF is required to select or develop additional assessments for civic objectives to show mastery of the objective. Civic objectives were chosen based on student needs surveys.
  2. All pre-approved COAAPS are based on the levels and criteria put forth in the ESL Model Standards for Adult Education Programs (1992) and correlated with the NRS system guidelines for WIA Title II.
  3. Students must be assessed on an individual basis. All oral interview and/or role play assessments must take place in participation with an examiner asking or answering the questions or playing a role. No “student to student” interaction is acceptable for assessment purposes.

Pre-Approved Civic Objectives
There are 48 pre-approved EL Civics Objectives. Civic objectives are organized according to a taxonomy similar to the CASAS competency list.

A complete and detailed list of Pre-Approved Civic Objectives can be found at the CASAS website in a pdf file:

NOTE: EL Civics program implementation in California the past three years has documented that Literacy students had great difficulty attaining any of the EL Civics objectives; therefore, a decision was made to exclude learners functioning at this level from participating in the EL Civics program.