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How To Enroll For Classes


You are more likely to succeed in college if you have good information regarding how the "system" works and how to go about planning and registering for classes that fit your academic goals. Participation in the following five matriculation steps, also known as the enrollment steps, ensures that you are getting the best information to assist you in meeting your goals. All new and readmit students are required to participate in the matriculation process. You may be excused from participation if you meet the exemption criteria. Please also visit the New Students web site.


All new and readmit students must file an application for admission with the Office of Admissions and Records, Conlan Hall, Room E107. Your application may be submitted in person, by mail or online.


Placement tests in English or ESL and math will help assess your current skills in these subject areas. Counselors and faculty advisors will help you enroll in the appropriate courses. City College of San Francisco requires placement testing of all new students enrolling in credit courses unless they meet the matriculation exemption or test waiver criteria. The test results are used for placement purposes only; they cannot be used to prevent you from studying at City College.


Orientation to CCSF acquaints students with the College's vocational and academic programs, student support services, and academic expectations. Registration procedures are outlined and information is presented on adding and dropping classes. In addition, the results of the placement test and the English/ESL and the Math course sequences are returned and explained.


After the orientation session, you will meet with a counselor to identify your educational goals and to select courses for the first semester.


A counselor will help you to further understand your test results and to choose classes for your first semester. He/she will also assist you in beginning to develop your educational and career goals.

During heavy registration periods (Nov-Dec; July-Aug), counselors are only available on a drop-in basis. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment during the regular semester to develop a more long-term educational plan. You can make a counseling appointment by calling: (415) 239-3068. The counseling office is located in Conlan Hall, room 205. Outside campuses also have counselors who can help you.

After you have met with a counselor, you will be ready for the final step: obtaining your registration appointment ticket and registering for classes!
Note: Your registration ticket will have your registration dates on it - do not lose it!


The registration process.
You can register for classes once you obtain a registration appointment ticket. There are two ways to register for classes at City College of San Francisco:

1. Online: You may register online - on or after your registration date. To register via the internet you will need:

1. access to the internet
2. a registration ticket
3. a Class Schedule
4. instructions in the class schedule or click on WEB4, and follow the instructions
5. a CCSF Catalog (recommended)

2. In person: You may register, on or after your registration date, by going in person to Smith Hall, Room 118 on the Ocean Campus. To register in person you will need:

1. a Class Schedule
2. a registration appointment
3. a list of your classes and some alternate choices
4. a CCSF Catalog (recommended)

NOTE: Be prepared to have a number of alternative class choices as you may find many sections closed on your-in-person date.



As a new student, you may find it necessary to add some of your classes if you are unable to pre-register for them. You do this by going to the first class meeting and obtaining an ADD code from the instructor.


If you submit a drop slip prior to the last date to drop (usually within the first two weeks - see Class Schedule) no record will appear on your transcripts.
NOTE: Do not expect that an instructor will drop you just because you have stopped attending. They may or they may not. Take care of your academic status and do the paperwork. Turn in a drop slip or drop online or by phone.


If you submit a drop slip after the deadline to drop classes, a grade of W for the course will appear on the transcript. A few W's are okay but try to avoid getting too many W's. You can do this by making a realistic schedule to begin with - one that you are likely to complete.

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