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Anna Rodriguez:

How to Succeed at CCSF!



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Former CCSF and

Writing Success Project Student

Annie C.

on Life at Mills College

"Secrets to College Success" by Jose Navarette

"Amam's Photo Album," poetry reading by WSP tutor Tehmina Khan

"Advice for ESL Students"

by Sunny Xiao

"I Learned to Write"

by Robert K. Scott, Sr.

"Here to Help"

by Counselor Josie Loo




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WSP programs & services

  • What is the Writing Success Project?       

    The Writing Success Project (WSP) is the local name for CCSF's Student Support Services (SSS) project. 

  • Who's eligible?                                                      

Eligibility is determined on the basis of            

1) income

2) parent education

3) disability          

  • What services do we offer? 

1) Supplemental study groups, led by professional tutors, linked to designated English and ESL composition courses

2) Short-term courses in specific study strategies, designed to improve writing success and graduation/transfer goals 

3) Success Seminars on a variety of subjects. Topics this semester include Choose a Major, STOP PROCRASTINATING! and Fire Your Inner Critic.                        

4) Field trips to San Francisco State University                     

5) Counseling

6) Instructional advising                                           

7) Possibility for supplemental Pell Grant funds

8) Priority Registration

9) Events that allow faculty, staff and students to meet and converse

10) A fun and supportive learning environment

  • Who can I meet with?

WSP participants can meet with program coordinator Carol Heard; counselor Josie Loo, and resource instructor Erin O'Briant .



This site is updated by Erin O'Briant, eobriant@ccsf.edu.

Q:  Is this the Writing Lab
How is it different from the Writing Lab?

1. The Writing Success Project (WSP) is not the same as the Writing Lab. 

2. The Writing lab offers individual tutoring in writing to the whole CCSF campus, but the WSP offers group tutoring to specific sections of writing classes. 

3.See our list of WSP sections and group times.

Click here

Q:  Can I get individual tutoring here?  Can I get it now? I have a paper!

1.The WSP does not offer individual tutoring--- only GROUP tutoring for specific sections of writing classes. 

2.Students who want individual tutoring for a paper should go to the Writing Lab, in the back of the LAC. Click here for information about the Writing Lab.

Q:  I’m interested in joining the WSP.  What is this place?  What do I need to do to find out more?

1. Read about WSP Programs and Services in the center of this page, or stop by and get a brochure to find out what services are available and who is eligible. 

2. Come in and get a blue list of sections to see which ones are linked with WSP groups.  Try to add yourself in the WSP-linked section.  Or, click here to see a list of our linked sections.

3. On the other side of the blue page, look at the list of LERN classes taught by Erin O'Briant, WSP’s instructor. Or, click here to see the schedule of Erin's classes.

4. Click here for staff photos and contact information.

Click here for more frequently asked questions


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