STUDENT SURVEY RESULTS -- (Survey completed in April 2010)

The Textbook Affordability Task Force created an online student survey regarding textbook questions. The survey went out on April 1st and was available for one month. You can review the major results below.

We received over 2300 responses. Results:

Do you prefer to keep your books after classes are over, even if you could re-sell?
52% No
48% Yes

If cost were not a factor, which of these media would you MOST prefer to use when you study?
55% Traditional textbook
18% E-book
11% Loose-leaf punched
11% Rent
4% Library Reserve
2% Share with someone

Which of the following best describes your access to the internet: (check all that apply)
54% I have high-speed access at home
32% I have a phone, netbook, or laptop with wireless
7% Only when I can access a CCSF or Public Library computer
4% I have dial up at home, but it's slow
3% I have friends who share their computer with me

Do instructors allow you to use a different edition of the text book?
51% Sometimes
23% No
21% Yes
5% Do not know

Do your instructors seem to be aware of the cost of the textbooks they require you to buy?
54% Yes
30% Sometimes
16% No

Have you ever been dropped from class because you didnít have the required course textbook?
90% No
10% Yes

Have you ever had to drop a class because you couldn't get access to the textbook?
78% No
22% Yes

How often have you been required to purchase a textbook for a class but did not use it?
36% Sometimes
27% Rarely
20% Often
17% Never

How often have you used a textbook when doing class work at home?
62% Often
28% Sometimes
9% Rarely
1% Never

How often have you used a textbook during class?
35% Sometimes
30% Rarely
29% Often
6% Never

In your experience, how often do instructors assign material from the textbook?
44% Every week or two
42% Every class period
9% Once a month
5% Never

Have you ever accessed a textbook through the Library's Reserve books?
51% Never
20% Sometimes
18% Rarely
11% Often

Have you ever sold a textbook back to the CCSF bookstore during buy backs?
40% Never
25% Sometimes
21% Often
14% Rarely

Have you ever sold a textbook over the internet?
64% Never
16% Sometimes
11% Often
9% Rarely

Have you ever sold a textbook directly to another student?
64% Never
17% Rarely
15% Sometimes
4% Often

Have you ever purchased a book on the internet other than through the CCSF bookstore? (Amazon, half, e-bay, etc.)
53% Often
24% Sometimes
15% Never
8% Rarely

Comments: Besides their high cost, what are the most important concerns you have about textbooks? TOP RESPONSES: (There were 1300 individual comments out of 2300 survey submissions.)

  • Why must editions change so frequently?
  • Please let us use earlier editions!
  • USE IT! It's frustrating to purchase a textbook that we never actually use.
  • If we have to buy a textbook, the quality should be high (readability, currency, relevance, long-term reference)
  • Book weight matters.
  • The bookstore needs to make sure that there are enough available.
  • Book choice should allow for us to take advantage of the buy back option.
  • Ebooks and digital materials are preferred.
Any more correlations?
The task force analyzed the survey results by computer usage, textbook preference, age, gender, and ethnicity. We found no major new insights through this analysis. Textbook preferences and computer usage were similar for all ages, genders, and ethnicity. The one exception was not a surprise: students who had high-speed computer access or wireless devices had a higher preference for Ebooks than other students.


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