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So you think you want to use WebCT?

  • Please take a look at the skills that you will need to succeed.

  • Then take the excellent Introduction to Teaching with WebCT 4.0 self-paced tutorial provided by @ONE for use at CCSF. Contact Carol Reitan to gain entry to the course.

  • AND/OR Sign up for one of the excellent @ONE facilitated online workshops to learn more about using WebCT.

  • If you meet the prerequisites below and think WebCT is for you, fill out the online application to use WebCT in a Face-to-Face Course. Or fill out the MSWord version. Send to as an attachment or through campus mail to Carol Reitan (LB2). For more information, call the TLC at 239-3554.

  • If you are interested in teaching an online course, contact the Technology Mediated Instruction (TMI) Department:

Prerequisite Skills (*)

Computer skills needed to succeed using WebCT:

  • competency with file management tools such as Windows Explorer (for example, creating a folder on your desktop, moving files from one location to another)
  • Internet navigation skills 
  • the ability to download plug-ins from the Internet
  • the ability to update your Internet browser
  • the ability to send and receive email
  • the ability to create and save documents (Word, or HTML)
  • the ability to insert a graphic file into a Word or HTML document
  • the ability to have two browser windows open at the same time
  • the ability to toggle between two open software applications on your computer
  • the ability to copy text or images from a word processing program and paste them into another program

Note: The ability to use an HTML editor such as Front Page, Netscape Composer will be helpful.

You will find possession of the following skills and attitudes to be helpful when teaching using WebCT's online tools:

  • A positive attitude towards technology, and an open mind towards using online tools in education
  • Willingness to share your experiences and challenges with other faculty
  • Strong writing skills needed for expressing yourself in the discussion area
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills for when you "get stuck"
  • Resourcefulness - don't be afraid to click on links and explore and ask questions
  • Some basic technical troubleshooting skills 

Lists adapted from materials created by CVC4
California Virtual Campus, Region 4







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