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Barracuda FAQs

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    1. What is Barracuda? The ITS department has implemented a new, more efficient, Spam filtering system called Barracuda. It isolates Spam and allows you to tune your Spam preferences.


    2. Will training be available for CCSF employees? Yes, three sessions are currently scheduled. If you can't make any of these, your group of 3 or more can schedule a custom training, please call 239-3554 to do so. Sessions currently scheduled are:
      November 4, Rosenberg 210, Ocean Campus, 2-4 p.m.
      November 11, Room 180, Chinatown Campus, 2-3 p.m.
      January 14, FLEX Day, Time and location: TBA (see the FLEX calendar)


    3. What changes will I see in my email? Your GroupWise email will function as before, but you will see fewer spam messages. You may see messages marked [BULK] in the subject line. You may also see a message marked, Daily Spam Quarantine Summary.
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    4. What does the [BULK] mean?This means that Barracuda thinks it might be spam, but isn't sure. You can set up GroupWise to send all these messages to another folder, so you will see fewer spam messages in your inbox. Then, you can periodically check to see if Barracuda has made a mistake. Delete the messages you don't want. Download the Sending CCSF Barracuda [BULK] messages to a GroupWise folder handout (pdf).

    5. What is the Daily Spam Quarantine Summary? This is a list of messages that are probably spam, but may contain one or two *real* messages. You may want to check this to see if Barracuda has made a mistake, per the instructions. If you see a message you want to receive, you can send it to your inbox. Go back to read the instructions. If you do nothing, after 30 days, quarantined messages will be deleted automatically.

    6. What do all those buttons in the Quarantine area mean?
      quarantine buttons

      The buttons in the Quarantine area do the following:

      Deliver -Just deliver the mail. Make no change to filtering parameters.

      Whitelist - Deliver and always allow message from this sender.

      Delete - Just deletes without changes to filtering parameters.

      Classify as Not Spam - Deliver message and update Bayesian filter.

      Classify as Spam -Delete and update Bayesian filter .

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    7. Is there anything I absolutely have to do? No, you can just delete any spam that may enter your inbox. You may wish to send the [BULK] messages to a separate folder. (Download the Sending CCSF Barracuda [BULK] messages to a GroupWise folder handout (pdf). ) But you don't have to. If you do send them to a separate folder, make sure you delete them occasionally. [BULK] messages must be deleted, they are not deleted automatically. However, after 30 days, quarantined messages will be deleted automatically.

    9. Not another password! @&*# ! I got a message about a Barracuda password. What is that? ITS knows that it's hard to keep track of all those passwords. To make it more convenient for the user, the password function is not activated. Not everyone will receive a message about a Barracuda password, but if you do, just ignore it.
    10. Clicking on the link that normally takes me to my Quarantine area took me to a login screen. You said I didn't need a login and password to use the Barracuda Spam filter. What do I do? If you click the link to your Quarantine area after you have cleared your spam, you'll see this screen.

      Barracuda Login Screen: Wait for your next Qurantine message instead of worrying about this one.

      Don't worry: you have already taken care of the messages referenced by the link you clicked on. Wait for your next Spam Quarantine message.

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    12. I deleted all the spam from my Quarantine area, and I was prompted to log in. What does that mean? What password should I use? First, there is no password necessary to use Barracuda (see #8 above). Second, Barracuda is REALLY good at identifying spam, but some of the other features may have some quirks. Just ignore any prompts to log in or use a password.
    13. What are folks from the test group saying about Barracuda? Send us your reactions.
    • "My life has improved since I don't have to struggle with all that disgusting spam!...I'm in a better mood... Even my family has noticed!"
    • "...I just love it! Thank you ITS!"


More Tips:

Whitelist: Please be careful when using the whitelist button when you use your quarantine summary. To whitelist a message means you want that sender's messages to be delivered in the future furthermore that selected message will be delivered to your in-box. If you are not sure of the message, ask for deliver first. You can whitelist after you are sure it is OK.





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