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Spam Prevention at CCSF

[Need more help? Try the Barracuda FAQs]

The CCSF Barracuda Spam filter

The ITS department has implemented a new, more efficient, Spam filtering system called Barracuda. It isolates Spam and allows you to tune your Spam preferences.


  • Quarantine list: Messages identified by Barracuda as very likely to be Spam. You can look at your quarantine mailbox and perform actions on its messages: deliver them to your ordinary mailbox, whitelist or blacklist them, or—the most common action—simply delete them. Quarantined messages will be deleted by the system after 30 days.
  • Whitelist: Whitelisting a message tells the Spam filter always to allow messages from that email address into your mailbox from then on.
  • Blacklist : Blacklisting a message tells the Spam filter never to allow messages from that email address into your mailbox, but always to quarantine them.
  • Bulk Tag : Messages not quarantined but still showing some Spam indicators are sent to your normal inbox, but with a [BULK] indicator added to the subject line. You can look at these messages, send them to their own folder, delete them, or copy their addresses into your black- or whitelist. printerSending CCSF Barracuda [BULK] messages to a GroupWise folder (pdf)


  • Once a day you will get a message in your mailbox with the subject Daily Spam Quarantine Summary. This message allows you to look at the messages that the Barracuda program has rated as highly likely to be Spam.
  • Messages with a lower Spam rating are sent on into your mailbox with the tag [BULK] added to their subject lines.

Windows: Contains text like:

Dear, this is your quarantine summary from the CCSF Spam Firewall. You have 67 messages in your spam quarantine inbox….

click the long link at the end of the message.

Web: The message contains the headers of some or all of the messages in your quarantine area and allows you to perform a few actions on them: Deliver them to your ordinary mailbox, Whitelist them, or delete them. There is no way to select multiple messages.

To see and act on your quarantined messages, scroll down to the bottom. You will see: To view your entire quarantine inbox or manage your preferences, click here . In your email message, click the words click here.



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