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New Employees

Welcome to CCSF! You probably have many questions about this large, diverse, and ultimately interesting institution. We can help you with some of your questions concerning computer technology at CCSF.

Overview of Tech Resources at CCSF - PowerPoint - with many links to web resources at CCSF and elsewhere.

Find out how to get your Network and Email Accounts on the accounts page:

For Faculty: Apply to pre-register to set up a Department Web site. Training is all day 9:30-4 on Friday, August 21. Info and a link to the signup form at Note that you must fill in and submit the ITS form Application for computer account (send to address on the form).

The TechDocs site ( ) contains an orientation to the hardware, software, and applications that CCSF employees use here on campus.

There is also information about GroupWise email, both the Windows client that can be used on campus, and the Web client that is used to access your CCSF email from home and other locations.

Information about educational discounts for purchasing software and hardware can be found at:







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