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Moodle Pilot

THE MOODLE PILOT IS OVER! CCSF has chosen Moodle as the new learning management system to replace WebCT. CCSF's Moodle instance is called Insight.

If you are a CCSF online instructor, the TMI will let you know the schedule to migrate your course from WebCT to Insight/Moodle.

If you are an instructor who wishes to use Insight/Moodle as a supplement to your regular face to face course, watch this space to see when you can get an Insight account (probably mid Spring, 2009). In the meantime, you could take workshops on formatting images, file management, and other online tool workshops. See the TLC workshops page for details.

There is a sandbox site open to the public at: where you can experience Moodle as a teacher and as a student.

@ONE offers online and hands-on courses in Moodle.
See for details.

NOTE: Beginning Fall 2008, there will be a prerequisite to using Moodle. Instructors must do one of the following:

  • Take and succeed in at least 2 CCSF Moodle workshops (not available until Insight is generally available)
  • Take the "Teaching w/ Moodle at CCSF" online course (not available until Insight is generally available)
  • Take the @ONE "Teaching w/Moodle" course.
  • Please watch the TLC workshop calendar for workshop details.

Logistics (Coming soon....)

  • How to reset your own Moodle password [pdf]

Moodle Help

Moodle Help Sites

Idaho State's LMS Review process (Moodle was their choice) Read how they came to this decision.







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