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In-Training Program - In-Department and In-Class Man chipping at block of stone

In-Department Training for Classified Staff, Administrators, Faculty

    1. Meet with TLC staff to help determine your specific training needs.
    2. TLC staff will train your group (min. 3 people for a session) either at your site/office or in the TLC training lab.
    3. Follow-up visits will be made as necessary.
    4. Call 239-3554 to get started.

Some ideas for In-Department Training:

  • GroupWise Email Client (Windows Client OR Web Client)
  • Basic  Word, Excel, or other MSOffice Suite applications (for purposes specific to your office or discipline).
  • The GroupWise Calendar for scheduling.
  • PowerPoint- Will you be giving a presentation at a conference?  Need to make a PPT presentation? We can show you how and help you get started.
  • Updating your department website.
  • Getting your Accounts - for new employees or those that missed the "roll-out" training.

Departments/Locations that have already participated : Chinatown Campus, 33 Gough Street, John Adams Campus, the Language Center, the Foreign Languages Department office, P.E., the Bookstore, and more.

In-Class Training for Faculty

  1. Meet with TLC staff to determine the specific training needs that can be accomplished in one class session (up to a 1.5 hr. class) for your class or project (at least three weeks in advance).
  2. TLC staff will train your students during your class time (depending on availability of staff)  in a lab at your campus to use the appropriate application for the purpose you have specified.  Teachers at COTO  (Campuses other than Ocean) campuses, should reserve a lab at their location and verify that the necessary applications are installed. Instructors MUST BE PRESENT at each training session.
  3. TLC can provide one follow-up session for your class that same semester.
  4. If desired, TLC staff can do one more session with your class for the same purpose the following semester. Then, you're on your own!
  5. Call 239-3554 to get started.

Some ideas for In-Class Training sessions:

  • Student presentations (group or individual) using PowerPoint.
  • Student e-Portfolios for assessment using PowerPoint or the Student Presentation Tool in WebCT. (Text, images, and sound can be incorporated.) No more carrying around all that stuff!
  • Student Email for better class communication: Choose from WebCT Mail,  free web-based email accounts, or CCSF student email.
  • WebCT Discussion Board for increased discussion and student communication.
  • Microsoft Word for typing papers and assignments. Tell the TLC what your requirements are for spacing, foot and/or end notes, etc., and we can train your students to format their papers the way you want.
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