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Faculty Web Template Project
Instructional Websites - An Easier Way

Contribute Training consists of two 2.5 hour sessions. Preregistration is required.

Optional Computer Skills for Contribute workshops are offered as well as website maintenance sessions. No pre-reg is necessary for these optional sessions. See the TLC workshops page.

Training consists of:

What is it?

Using a set of templates and an easy-to-use web editor, Macromedia's Contribute, faculty can create and maintain an instructional website with a manageable learning curve and time commitment.  

The level of skill needed to enter data and edit it each semester requires minimal training and is on a par with word processing. The project is designed for faculty members who want to have a CCSF Web site to provide students with course information, but who don’t want to learn how to create one using a complicated web browser or HTML.

Compare the effort and difficulty of making a page using the template and Contribute with other ways faculty can use at CCSF to create a web presence.

Four templates are available; a "main" or home page, a "course" page, a "generic" page, a plain "calendar" page. An additional unicode version of the generic page is available for faculty needing to use special fonts.

History of Project: Fifteen original pilot participants created pages using Contribute during Fall, 2004. During Spring, 2005, these faculty work with four colleagues, "mentees", to help them create instructional web sites. Mentees were trained by the TLC, then assisted by their mentors throughout the semester. View the pilot project sites.

How to Pre-register

You need to know how to use a Web browser and a word processor, and use email regularly. Mac or PC. Check the pre-requisite skills you need to succeed with Contribute. If you'd like to brush up on those skills, attend the Computer Skills for Contribute workshop. Check the TLC Workshop Calendar for the next session.

You need CCSF Network and Email accounts.

Pre-registration is required for the first 2.5 hr. training session in which you will complete your home (main) page. Fill out the online application or download the MS Word version and mail to Carol Reitan at LB2. For more info or to get a form through campus mail, call 239-3554. Applications are due about two 2 weeks prior to a training session (to give us time to set up your account) . Please check the current flyers and online calendars for specific dates and time.

Departments with 5 or more interested faculty, are encouraged to contact the TLC for a custom session. We generally hold custom training sessions after the midterm period.

Additional training sessions will be held periodically each semester, with a special "Update Your Contribute Site" session held on Independent FLEX day (usually the day before regular FLEX).

Sites not updated for 6 months will have their link removed from the Faculty Directory. (Nothing will happen to the sites! Don't worry, they just won't be linked to the Directory until they are current.)


How to Pre-register for a Faculty Web Template Site

Faculty Web Template Site Application

View the faculty sites created during the pilot phase of the program

Vic Fascio's Contribute Documents - See examples of pages created by faculty using Contribute. Access the workshop documentation.

Contribute in the Classroom

Getting Up to Speed with Macromedia Contribute in 10 Minutes

Tour of Contribute Features

Contribute Developer Center





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