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Preparing Content for the New CCSF Website [pdf]

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Format content for the new CCSF website

The new CCSF website and Content Management system will format our text according to pre-determined design. That means we can spend our time with the content, and not try to become a designer overnight! So, when putting in text, it should be in plain text format and have the extension .txt.

Create some text files and bring them to training!

Create a Text File: [3 ways] Handout [pdf]

  1. Copy and paste text from a web page to a text editor. OR Create new content in the text editor.
      • On a Windows machine, use Notepad. (Start button, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad)
      • On a Mac, use TextEdit
  2. Copy and paste text from a web page OR create new text in Word. Then "Save As" Plain Text .txt. You may have to scroll down to find this choice.
  3. The third way can be done in the TLC lab and anywhere PureText is installed. See the handout for instructions.

When you save as Plain Text, all the formatting that may mess up your new website will disappear. You can reformat in the new system.





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