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12/09/08 - New GW 7.0 on the Web. When you access your GroupWise email from home, you'll see a new interface. Between now and February 1, 2009, you'll have the choice of using the old GW 6.5 or the new version GW 7.0. See Vic Fascio's support page for the new GW 7.0.

10/28/08 - Interactive announcements from the TLC! Check out the TLC News Exchange . Fill out a poll to choose topics of future workshops, see the latest info. Give us feedback!

10/27/08 - The Foundation for California Community Colleges offers a terrific discount for CCSF students, faculty, and staff. Go to for details. GET the FLYER.

8/18/08 - iTunesU is now at CCSF. iTunesU is where CCSF faculty can house their podcasts. To learn to make a podcast, take the @ONE course, or a course through the BEMA Dept. To get an account for iTunesU at CCSF, fill out the online application.

8/7/08 - Complete information about Office 2007. Office 2007 has been installed in labs at Chinatown, Library, Southeast, and other campuses. All Business Dept. labs are using Office 2007.

5/2/08 - After a year long search with testing, faculty surveys, and meetings of the task force, the replacement for WebCT will be Moodle! Find out more...

11/26/07 - The Technology Learning Center is Going Green!Remember those paper brochures with technology training calendars sent out a few times per year? Many of those found their way to recycle bins, garbage cans, and eventually to landfills. We want to change that!

In an effort to save resources and money, the TLC will not longer send out brochures to every single faculty and staff member, but will send emails just a couple of times per semester via CCSF Wide Distribution Email. We'll provide a link to an electronic copy of the calendar that you can print out if you wish. OR you can call the TLC at 239-3554 to receive a paper copy in your campus mailbox. This way you can receive the paper copy if you wish and we can avoid waste.

The workshop schedule is always available at: . There you can print a PDF of the calendar, view the schedule listed chronologically, or peruse the calendar view. When the new schedule becomes available each semester, you'll receive an email to let you know. Thank you for helping us save trees and CCSF resources!

11/19/07 - Can't open files from your students? Are you receiving with funny names like .docx, or .pptx? Your students are using Office 2007. To open the files, you will need to download a converter from Microsoft and learn how these files behave with different browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) see the complete explanation and get links to the converter...

10/29/07 - Learn how to use your flash/jump/thumb drive.

10/18/07 - Foundation for California Community Colleges and Adobe announce limited time offer for faculty and staff software purchasing 85% off selected Adobe software. Now through March 15, 2008 Download the full announcement. [pdf]

To purchase, go to

9/17/07 - An improved method for using Classroom Network Jacks has been implemented on the Ocean Campus. In each classroom there is typically a duplex network jack located at the front of the room. The left-hand jack is the one that has been activated. Network access does not require a login or password and is limited to the Internet only. Faculty members may use any laptop or desktop computer in the classroom, either personal or those issued by CCSF. It is anticipated that this level of access will be available at the neighborhood campus locations beginning approximately November 1st. The exceptions will be Instructors at SFO, Ft. Mason and Chinatown who will need to contact the Help Desk at x3711 to make special arrangements.

8/14/07- Classlists are being sent to each faculty member via GroupWise email. Be sure to open the attachment in Excel. You may either save the file to your computer, or choose Open by "right clicking" on the attachment.

8/08/07 - Sign up for Direct Deposit w/ Payroll.

7/20/07 - Faculty can now drop students online in Web4! During the first two weeks of class, faculty may drop students via Web4. See the handout for details...

5/10/07 - Faculty will now need to get their classlists online. Need to learn how? It's easy. See the TechDocs page for instructions. Choose "Classlists" for a handout and a video tutorial.

4/18/07 - Remember Barbara Stewart, former TLC Coordinator and friend. Donate to the Barbara Stewart Memorial Photography Scholarship.

3/26/07 - The Summer Intersession Training Schedule is out! Choose a track or mix and match to create your own personalized training program.

3/23/07 - The Southwest Center for Microsystems Education announces the "Bringing Microsystems Into the Classroom" workshop to be held on July 23 and 24, 2007 at the SAME-TEC Conference in Dallas, TX.

The SCME will sponsor travel, registration and lodging for qualified educators. Paste this URL into your browser and go to our website for information and registration. RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW - Deadline April 1, 2007. Sponsorship is limited. SCME is funded by the National Science Foundation Award # DUE 0403651

3/07/07 - The WebCT server will not be accessible this Friday March 9, 2007 from 6:00 - 6:30 PM. ITS will be applying a maintainance patch to account for the new Daylight Savings Time date - March 11, 2007.

12/08/06- New website to assist instructors teaching basic skills. The LAC Teaching and Learning Website.

11/28/06 - WebCT Help Desk Pilot begins! For one year, the CVC is piloting a virtual Help Desk for WebCT. Read more...

11/21/06 - Funding is once again available for department technology training. Download the application or request a hard copy. Apply now!

10/04/06 - Flash drives are great, but be careful what you buy! Flash drives, thumb drives, memory sticks - these are all names for the same thing - that nifty small computer storage solution that fits into your computer's USB port. Everyone seems to have one these days. They are great, but be careful!

U3 Smart flash drives MAY NOT work on CCSF computers!!!!

Because of security concerns, CCSF computers will not allow unauthorized installation of programs. The U3 Smart equipped flash drives contain a program that installs itself on your computer. Because CCSF computers do not allow this, you may not be able to retrieve your documents. Some have found that inserting your flash drive and then restarting the computer works.

6/12/06 @ONE offers convenient online courses for the summer. Choose from courses on online teaching, Dreamweaver, and more. Details are on the @ONE website.

6/7/06- IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE CCSF WEBMASTER: Due to an unusual maintenance procedure, write access to CCSF web server,, will be unavailable from 5 PM, Wednesday, June 7 to 5 PM, Friday, June 9.

This will NOT affect data written from online forms to the server, nor will it affect browsing the site. Only users who happen to try to publish to departmental or faculty web sites (Contribute sites) during the maintenance period will be denied access.

5/10/06 - Finally moving from Fog to GroupWise? Take a look at the TechDocs page . Choose GroupWise. There are tutorials, handouts, and videos to learn about GroupWise.

4/21/04 - Want to know more about blogs and wikis? See the TLC's Edtech page, "Focus on Blogs and Wikis".

4/03/06 - Summer Intersession Schedule is available. The CCSF Summer Intersession Schedule is available. Take advantage of this "down time" to learn something new that will take your teaching to the next level!

3/07/06 - PhotoShop workshops postponed due to instructor illness. PhotoShop I and II, originally scheduled for March 8 and 15 will be postponed until March 29 and April 5 respectively. The time and location remain the same - 2-5 p.m. in Rosenberg 210. Check the workshop schedule for details.

2/14/06 - Student Interns are BAAACCCKKK! We are happy to announce that once again highly qualified student interns are available in the Open Lab for Faculty/Staff (Batmale 313) to assist you with your technology questions. Interns are available Monday- Friday except for Thursday afternoon. Come in and get acquainted!

12/07/05 - What is the California Educational Technology Collaborative (CETC)? See summaries of CETC services. Learn about services from which we are already benefitting (@ONE, CVC, etc.) Find out where some of your tax dollars are going.

12/01/05 - The new TechDocs page contains video tutorials, handouts, etc. for GroupWise Email and other basic info you'll need to use computers at CCSF.

10/05/05 - WiFi is available on the Ocean campus for students and faculty. Information and application materials are found at:

9/27/05 - Our lovely Open Lab for Faculty and Staff is back! Hours are 9-4, Monday through Friday. Batmale 422 is still available during all hours the building is open.

4/08/05 - GroupWise Upgrade Information, Tutorials, New Features, etc.

3/25/05 - Power to be turned off on Ocean Campus. Unplug your computers before leaving for Spring Break.

3/23/05 - GroupWise Update

02/08/05 - Banner Upgrade Information

01/10/05 TLC Open Lab is Relocating for Spring and Summer, 2005

10/29/04 Barracuda Spam Filter Information

Protect Yourself Against Spyware and Adware
What you can do about spyware and other unwanted software - An informative article from Microsoft.



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