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CCSF Accounts 


  • To get your CCSF Network and GroupWise email accounts, fill out and submit the form entitled,

"Information Technology Services Request for CCSF Network Login and GroupWise Email"

The network account allows you to use computers on campus. The GroupWise account allows you to send email.

  • You may request the form by calling the Help Desk at 239-3711 or the TLC at 239-3554.
  • For assistance with your network and GroupWise accounts, online tutorials and handouts are available on the TechDocs site.
  • Mac users who share machines should contact the Help Desk (239-3711) for a Mac account on the shared machine.

Web - CCSF Faculty will soon have the opportunity to create individual pages on the new CCSF web site. Information should be available by December, 2009. At present the new web site project is concentrating on School and Department pages.

  • Google sites could be a quick and efficient stopgap for faculty requiring immediate access to the web.
  • If you have Web creation skills, you can get a CCSF web account for faculty or staff on the FOG server. Just fill out and submit the form entitled:

"Information Technology Services Request for Computer Account". Under the category "Other Types of Accounts" indicate "Special Project Web Site" and write "Faculty web site on FOG" in the space for additional information.

  • You may request the form by calling the Help Desk at 239-3711.
  • Online training is available for Dreamweaver and FrontPage. See the Web Resources and Training Resources pages. Dreamweaver is available in the TLC lab, 313 Batmale.
  • To get a Departmental Web account, use the online application.

WebCT - CCSF's Web Based Learning Management System


  • For a Banner account, (your supervisor will tell you if you need one of these), fill out, get the required signatures, and submit the ITS form entitled "Information Technology Services Request for Computer Account".



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