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Training  for CCSF Faculty and Staff

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Hands-on Training

  • TLC Workshops - Workshops for CCSF faculty and staff.
  • Custom Training for Departments and Offices - This can take many forms, from organized workshops to short visits for individuals in a department. Contact the TLC to schedule.
  • FLEX Training - The TLC provides technology training during FLEX days, in August, January, and October, for Classified FLEX. Please see your FLEX booklet for the schedule.
  • @ONE Hands-on Institutes - @ONE offers popular Summer, Winter, and Technical Institutes at locations in Northern and Southern California. Check for an institute near you.

Online Training


More Training Resources

  • WebCT at CCSF - Information about using WebCT to supplement your face to face course.
  • @ONE  provides educational technology resources to California Community College faculty and staff. Many training modes are available; online, video, face-to-face. Check out the free training materials. Credit is available for some workshops.
  • CVC Online Resource Center
  • Technology Standards for Educators - How do your skills measure up?

More Handouts and Tutorials - Other educational institutions have prepared handouts for some popular programs.





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