City College of San Francisco Multicultural Infusion Project



Fall 2013- Spring 2014

  • Culture Shift: Innovation, Engagement, Achievement • February 6th, 2014
  • Leveling the Playing Field: Understanding the need to support students with learning disabilities

Neurodiversity. We hear more and more about this topic in the media, books, shows. But what does it look like in practice? Why is it “fair” for some students to have more time to complete tests, or to have notetakers in class? How can we protect students from humiliation and make it easier for them to approach us for accommodations? 

Facilitated by Mary Bravewoman, Dora Rodriguez and Tracy Burt

  • Mapping Assessments to Course SLO's

Mapping Assessments to Course SLOs: In this hands-on workshop you will map your current assessments to SLOs in one of your courses. From there we will discuss strategies for documenting assessment of SLOs once every three years. Resources for mapping and rubrics for documentation/easy data collection will be provided. Time permitting, we will dialogue about making connections between SLO documentation and student achievement data. 

Tracy Burt, CDEV Faculty, MIP Coordinator

Workshop Description: Join other CCSF colleagues working to center the success of underrepresented students to design and imagine new ways to support innovation at CCSF. ISKME will introduce us to their Action Collab process which uses the design-thinking framework to innovate new ideas with actionable next steps. Design thinking is a creative process to design meaningful solutions.

Follow this link to learn more about action collabs:

Fall 2012- Spring 2013

  • High Impact Practices Workshop Series • April 9, 2013

Spotlight on High Impact Practices

Undergraduate Research, Service Learning/Internships, and Diversity & Global Learning

Join us to delve more deeply into these three High Impact Practices. We will share examples from across the country, explore why these practices have a profound impact on the engagement and success of underrepresented students and identify how they can help us "Close the Loop" and continue to up our game. 

with Jeff Chang

"Culture moves before politics," says Jeff Chang. In the seminal Can't Stop Won't Stop, Chang used hip-hop culture to radically remix the last 25 years of America's political and social history. In his pulsating follow-up, Who We Be, he traces the rise of multiculturalism—its roots, its triumphs, its commercialization —to tell a new, vibrant, and utterly necessary people's history.

  • High Impact Practices Workshop Series • March 5, 2013

High Impact Practices

Join us to learn about High Impact Practices (HIPs) that have been shown to raise the level of student learning for all students - with underrepresented students demonstrating the most notable gains.  The HIPs positively impact both SLOs and student achievement.  The first part of the workshop will review and explore HIPs like Capstone Projects, Undergraduate Research and Internships and the second part of the workshop will involve practical steps for implementing them your work with students. Media: Download Powerpoint Presentation 

A conversation with Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D.

Microaggressions usually involve demeaning implications and other subtle insults. They include microassaults, microinsults and microinvalidations. They are the constant and continuing everyday reality of slights, insults, invalidations, and indignities visited upon marginalized groups.

Fall 2011- Spring 2012

In April 2009, City College’s Board of Trustees passed a Student Achievement Gap and Social Equity Resolution.1 The report revealed that at City College, students who identify as African American, Native American, Filipino, Latino, Pacific Islander and Southeast Asian are 10-20% more likely to say their educational goal is completing a 2 or 4 year degree than their Asian and White counterparts. Yet these same groups transfer at rates that are 19-21% lower, even six years after they begin their career at City College. While progress has been made through the Bridge to Success initiative to improve access for these groups, a more concerted effort needs to be made around retention.

  • Series with Darrick Smith (Collaboration with Metro Health and Metro Child Development Programs)
    • High Expectations: Is it a Two-Way Street? Students and Faculty as Co-Learners*

    • Practical Applications of Culturally Relevant Curriculum Faculty Workshop

  • Free Land:

    A Hip Hop Journey from the Streets of Oakland to the Wild Wild West with Ariel Luckey

  • Divided We Fall, United We Rise:

Building Solidarity Across the 99% with Anne Price, Director of the Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative at the Insight Center for Community Economic Development

  • Placement Tests: What’s at Stake?

With Nikki Edgecombe, Senior Research Associate from the Community College Research Center(Co-Sponsored with SMAC—Students Making a Change)

  • Independent Flex Day Presentation for Faculty:

Divided We Fall, United We Rise: Building Solidarity Across the 99% with Anne Price

  • Art As Activism Series
    • Artists of the 99% with Favianna Rodriguez

    • Vincent Who? The murder and movement that fueled Asian America with Curtis Chin

    • Precious Knowledge: Ethnic Studies Under Attack followed by panel with Eren McGinnis (filmmaker), Sandra Lee Fewer (SFUSD Board Member), Marco Mojica (CCSF Latino/Latina Studies Faculty), Allyson Tintiango-Cubales (SFSU Faculty and Pinoy-Pinay Program Director) and Art Concordia (Teachers for Social Justice)

Fall 2010- Spring 2011

  • Fall Institute/Retreat 2010: We are the Change We’ve Been Waiting For: Forging the Future of Student Success with Kica Guzmari of California Tomorrow
  • Common Ground: The Tragedy of Bullying and the Need for a Safe Campus with Sirdeaner Walker* (GLSEN)
  • Semester of Justice Series
    • Fraud on the Supreme Court: Racial Profiling and the Fred Korematsu Story with Dale Minami, J.D.

    • Are all civil rights created equal? With Kate Kendell, NCLR and N’Tanya Lee, Coleman Advocates

    • Righteous Rage: Empowering Youth to Change Their Lives and the World** with Cesar Cruz

  • Bilal’s Stand Film Screening

Summer 2011

Summer 2011 Institute:

Students Behind the Wheel: Accelerate Toward Excellence with Tom deWit and Sean McFarland, co-directors of the Acceleration in Context (AIC) Initiative

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

  • Winter 2010 Institute: 

Keeping Underrepresented Students at the Center, Even in Times of Retrenchment with Kica Guzmari and California Tomorrow

  • Summer 2010 Institute:

Meeting the Needs of Urban Students in Higher Education

  • Fall Retreat 2009:

Building Our Community Grounded in the Voices of Our Students with Kica Guzmari, California Tomorrow(2 days, Headlands Instititute)

  • MATH E to U.C.? Think you can’t transfer to U.C.?

Come and listen to students who did it. with Student Panel

  • Pin@y Educational Partnerships:

Strategies to Engage Filipino American Students with Allyson Tintiangco-Cubale

  • Is Everybody Stupid (?) with Ise Lyfe
    • Note to Educators: Hope Required When Growing Roses in Concrete with Jeff Duncan Andrade

    • Yearning for a ‘Critical Community’ at the Community College: Developing Praxes of Critical Hope with Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales

Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

  • Fall Retreat 2008:

Seeing the World Differently: Multiculturalism and Identity with Elena Featherston of Featherston Associates (2 days, Headlands Institute)

  • Race, Identity and the 2008 Elections:

Will America Finally Move Beyond the Issue of Race?  withEvelyn Hu DeHart*

  • Creating Change in Education and Walkout Film Clip with Sal Castro
  • SAY IT LOUD, SAY IT PROUD, THE SEQUEL with Thomas Parham

(flex day workshop)

  • The Gangsta, Wanksta, Rida Paradigm: Urban Youth Culture and Learning with Jeffrey Duncan Andrade*
  • Oppression in Higher Education:

Is college a better place for students of color now than in the ‘70’s? with Antonia Darder*

Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

  • Fall Retreat 2007: with Nell Myhand, Todos Institute (2 days, Headlands Institute)
  • Chicana/Chicano Students and Cultural Wealth with Tara Yosso
  • Equity, Education and Community:

Can Students of Color Have a Better Future? with Gail Thompson*

  • Creating a Chance to Dream:

Student Achievement and Critical Multicultural Education with Sonia Nieto*

  • Winter Institute 2008:

Courage, Competence, Competence with Geneva Gay, January (2 days)

  • Say It Loud, Say It Proud Psychology, Education & Racial Identity" with Thomas Parham, Ph.D. presents. Friday, February 29th, 1-2pm, VA 114.

    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Counseling and Health Services at University of California, Irvine (UCI); Director of the Counseling Center and adjunct faculty member at UCI; and Author of Counseling African-Descent People: Raising the Bar of Practitioner Competence and Co-Author, "The Psychology of Blacks: An African American Perspective" and author of many other books and articles on multicultural education and counseling.

"In consultations, public addresses, and television appearances throughout the United States, Dr. Parham has addressed such issues as multicultural counseling, counseling African Americans, cultural competence, youth and violence, coping with stress, characteristics of exceptional people, multicultural education, managing a diverse workforce, effective communications, developing effective management & supervisory skills, managing people, conflict resolution and team building."

  • "Creating a Chance to Dream: Student Achievement and Critical Multicultural Education"Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita of Language, Literacy & Culture, presents on Wednesday, April 9, 2008.

Sonia Nieto is Professor Emerita of Language, Literacy & Culture at
the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, School of Education,
Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies. In her talk
she will be emphasizing the experience of students as they navigate an
education system that often isn't helpful, usually isn't culturally
relevant, and frequently negates the very skills and abilities the
students bring to the table.

  • Challenging racism along the Chicana/o educational pipeline. Presentation by Dr. Tara Yosso on. September 21, 2007, from 2-3 pm in V115. Campus-wide event, followed by a smaller discussion with MIP/CCN participants from 3:30-5:30pm in the PCR. During the smaller dialogue, we have asked her to address the Cultural Wealth all our students possess and how we can help students use it every day in our offices and classrooms.

    At a college-wide presentation, Dr. Tara Yosso, Associate Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara spoke about "Challenging racism along the Chicana/o educational pipeline." Dr. Yosso's book "Critical Race Counterstories Along the Chicana/Chicano Educational Pipeline" analyzes Chicana/o experiences navigating through structures, practices, and discourses of racism from elementary through graduate school. Her current research focuses on "Latina/os in school according to Hollywood. " Read more about Dr. Yosso's talk at CCSF. To see her exact words, check out this slide from her powerpoint

  • The blog is a rolling list of resources and links members of CCSF's MIP community might find useful. Check it out at If you are aware of other resources or anything else that should be here, let us know and we'll link to them. We encourage you to comment about what's helpful (or not); help us make this an increasingly valuable resource for our community!

  • What are you?

Exploring Multiracial Identity through the Arts with Kip Fulbeck*

  • "What are You? Exploring Multi-racial Identity Through the Arts,". Multimedia Presentation by Kip Fulbeck, . Friday, November 16, 2007, from 1:00-2:30pm in the Diego Rivera Theatre.

Kip Fulbeck, an award winning filmmaker, multiracial advocate, and author of "Part Asian, 100% Hapa", and "Paper Bullets: A Fictional Autobiography" centered his presentation on the idea of identity, how we are perceived and how we define ourselves. Read more on Kip Fulbeck at CCSF, and viisit his website:

Fall 2006- Spring 2007

  • Fall Retreat 2006: (2 Days, Vallabrosa Center)
  • What Kind of Card is Race?* with Tim Wise
  • Common Struggles:The Intersection of Racism and Homophobia with Helen Zia*
  • Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes with Ise Lyfe, KQED and Davey D

Fall 2005- Spring 2006

  • Fall 2005 Retreat:
  • Pitfalls to Making Multicultural Initiatives Work and Waking Up to Privileged Systems with Hugh Vasquez, Victor Lee Lewis and Jackie Reza (2 days, Vallombrosa Center)
  • Winter 2006 Retreat:
  • A Constructive Dialogue on Race and Identity Development with Mercedes Martin of InPartnership Consulting
  • How Race is Real with Michael Omi
  • Culture, Stereotypes, Leadership Styles Workshop with Michael Chang
  • White Privilege Workshop with Paul Kivel
  • Diversity Film Series: The Way Home (Followed by Dialogue)
  • Light in the Shadows
  • Workshop Handouts 2006-2007

Friday, August 19th - Sunday August 21st
MIP participants will join together at the Vallambrosa Retreat and Conference Center for a weekend of learning, collaboration and comraderie.

  • Check out this cool issue of On Campus with Women Note especially the article by Kathleen Wong (Lau).

    On Campus with Women
    (OCWW), sponsored by AAC&U's Program on the Status and Education of Women, provides readers with the most up-to-date information on women in higher education. It focuses on women's leadership, the campus climate, curriculum and pedagogy, and new research and data on women.

Philadelphia is the first American city to require thath high school students pass a course in African American history for graduation, which has been met with uproar from white students and parents. Think it wouldn't happen in San Francisco? Think again...
versity Appraisal Report
Good news and bad news
Diversity, like many of the high goals to which organizations aspire, is as difficult to achieve as it is rich and rewarding to experience. Its an ever-evolving but fine and necessary cause.

From the California Community College Chancellor's Office Family
and Consumer Science Collaborative Grant (#04-160)

Emphasizing and promoting our interconnection to one another is essential to our efforts to renew the commitment necessary to build a more dynamic, accessible, and effective community college system.

Presented by the National Collaborative on Diversity in the Teaching Force
In late 2001, Congress passed the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The goal of this legislation is to improve the academic performance of all students, while simultaneously closing achievement gaps that persist between students from different ethnic groups and economic backgrounds.

Fall 2005- Spring 2006

MIP participants will join together at the Vallambrosa Retreat and Conference Center for a weekend of learning, collaboration and comraderie.

As the saying goes, behind every successful woman is a man who is surprised. Harvard president Larry Summers apparently is that man. A distinguished economist who was Treasury Secretary under Clinton, Summers caused a firestorm on January 14 when, speaking from notes at a conference on academic diversity, he argued that tenured women are rare in math and science for three reasons, which he listed in descending order of importance.

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), is pleased to announce that Kate Connell, reference/instruction and library exhibitions curator, and Suzanne Lo, reference/instruction and library program committee chair, both of the City College of San Francisco, have been chosen to receive the 2005 CJCLS/EBSCO Community College Learning Resources Program Achievement Award for their work on the City College of San Francisco's Library Programs and Exhibitions Committee.

The many forms of violence experienced on a daily basis by women of color around the world amount to nothing less than a global war on Women of Color. Color of Violence III will provide an opportunity for women of color to develop and share organizing strategies to address this global assault on women of color.

Fall 2004 – Spring 2005

  • Diversity Leadership Institutes:
  • The Other Side of White Privilege: People of Color and Internalized Oppression with Truly Hunter and Jackie Reza

  • How to Hire Excellence Affirmatively: What You Need to Know about Your Institution to Influence Hiring with Frances Kendall and Jackie Reza

  • Equity Workgroups with Jackie Reza

  • March 12-13th & April 16th, 2005

Fall 2003 – Spring 2004

  • Curriculum Transformation, NCORE 2002 Workshop Presented to MIP Participants with Jean Miller, Elizabeth Mjelde, Clara Lam and Eugene Rodriguez of De Anza College.