Mentoring Projects

The Office of Mentoring and Service-Learning offers faculty and counselors the opportunity to sponsor unique peer-mentoring projects. Project Sponsors recruit student mentors and supervise them throughout the semester. The goal of the mentoring program is to improve student success and retention, increase basic skills development, course completion, transfer, or awards of certificates.

Mentors say they help their mentees in a variety of ways: mentors help students clarify academic and career goals, improve attitudes toward science, math, and other demanding coursework, work on technical skills, study skills, time management skills, communication skills, networking with peers, faculty, and administration. Mentors also make referrals to CCSF and community services and resources. Mentors are supported by regular meetings with their Project Sponsors and training conducted the first half of the semester.

The following are current peer-mentor projects:

Mentoring Projects
Department Project Faculty Sponsors Website
Athletics Men's Basketball Mentoring Tom McNichol  



APASS Peer- Mentorship

TULAY FilAm Retention Peer Mentor Project

Dr. Minh-Hoa Ta

Maria Canoy



Associated Students Mentoring for AS Leadership at Southeast Campus Helen Rush/ DeanHunnicutt  
Astronomy First Light-The Next Genration Lancelot Kao
Biology Peer Mentoring for BIO 101A Crima Pogge
Biotechnology Bridge to Biotech for Ocean, SEC and Mission Campuses Carin Zimmerman, James Lewis, Dr. Edie Kaeuper  
Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Peer Mentoring for Sound Recording Arts Classes

Terri Winston

Sheila McFarland


Paralegal / Legal Studies Program Mentoring Project

Dora Dye
MABS Peer Mentoring Project

Jennifer Biehn

Marilyn Goodman

Student Peer-Mentoring in Chem 101A and 101B
Tim Su
Peer-Mentoring Chemistry 40 Ronald Drucker
Child Development Mentoring Future Math and Science Teachers   Kathleen White
CNIT A+ Mentoring Carmen Lamha  

Counseling: International Students

International Student Peer Mentor Program Cynthia Obenchain/ Joan Vitorelo  
Disabled Students Programs and Services DSPS Peer-Mentoring Anne VanDerslice  
Earth Sciences Earth Sciences Peer Mentoring Katryn Wiese

Graphic Communications

Digital and Design Mentors For Graphic Communications Patricia Chytrowski/Dave Stevenson  
Digital Printing&Publishing Certificate Peer-Mentoring Project at Mission Campus

Arthur Smiley Curtis

Monique Comacchio

Health Education CPR and First Aid Peer Mentor Program Annie Tse  
Mathematics Math Mentoring Chuck Burke  
IDST/ Multimedia Studies Computer Skills for Multimedia Mentor Program Wendy Fong  
Music Music Mentoring Project Judy Hubbell  
Voice Class Peer-Mentorship Program Joshua Law
Physics Mentoring for the Physics 4 Series Shruti Kumar  
Photography PHOTO 51 Mentor Program Tonya Hough  
Photography Peer Mentoring Project Robert Nishihira  
Mentoring for PHOT 51 and 60A Steven Raskin    
Transitional Studies Adult Learning and Tutorial Center Peer Support Project Valerie Habbeger