Tuition and Fees

Fees listed in this schedule are subject to change without prior notice

California Residents:
Enrollment fee per semester unit: $26.00
Residency is established by physical presence in California for One year and one day prior to the first day of instruction, and evidence of intent to make California your permanent residence.

Non-California Residents
Tuition fee per semester unit: $ 144.00 + $ 26.00 enrollment fee per unit.

International Students
Tuition fee per semester unit: $ 153.00 + $ 26.00 enrollment fee per unit.

Additional fees:

  • Student Health Fee (all students): $ 13.00 (Summer semester $ 8.00)

  • WebSTARS Registration User Fee: One-time $ 3.00 fee per semester. No charge during ADD/DROP period.

  • Enrollment refund processing: $ 10.00 (those who apply for refund).

  • Transcript: (after the first two copies): $ 5.00 

  • Rush Transcript: $ 10.00 per copy.

Fee Waivers
Fee waivers and eligibility determination may be obtained through the Financial Aid Office, Cloud Hall, Room 324, or call 239-3576


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