What is Orientation?

The Orientation will focus on test score interpretation, enrollment procedures, and information about educational programs and support services that students need to know to become successful at City College.

Upon completion of the online orientation you will:

  • Be able to interpret your test results
  • Learn the importance of balancing your school, work, and other personal time
  • Understand what it means to be on academic or progress probation status
  • Learn the importance of meeting with a Counselor and developing an education plan to meet your academic goals
  • Learn about the programs and opportunities at CCSF
  • Learn the difference between the College Catalog and Class Schedule and how to read them
  • Learn how to register for classes using Web4
  • Learn how to add/drop and withdraw from classes
  • Get an overview of services and resources available to students
  • Get an overview about graduation and transfer requirements
  • Become familiar with CCSF academic policies and guidelines

You will also learn about academic support services at City College - services that can make all the difference to your success.

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