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  1. Call us and ask for Kim, Dana, or Oanh
2. Describe the problem, what you did, what you would expect, and what you have encountered.
3. Provide the record number. For example, item record begins with i, and patron record begins with p. Besides the record, please provide either title or the patron name. Please remember that barcode is no longer unique.
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  Question: What do I do if I’ve forgotten my user name, ‘initials’ or passwords?
Answer: Call us.

Question: When do I need to consult my department coordinator before I call Automation, and when do I just call Automation without the need of consulting the coordinator?
Answer: For changes in settings such as templates or macros, consult with the departmental coordinator first. Changes in settings affect everyone using the same module.

Question: Who do I call to add a new Location Code?
Answer: Call Karen Saginor at x5522



1. CSDirect

This site, created by III, provides information for customers about their software, workshops and training, tutorials, user guides and manuals:

Login: ccsf
Password: call us.

The following links on CSDirect are particularly helpful.

a. There are tutorials on:

  • Course Reserve (creating, editing, deleting records)

  • Basic Circulation Functions

  • Serials Holdings

  • WebOpac.

For a complete list of tutorials, go to:


b. There are many manuals and training guides available online. To see a complete list, go to:

2. Library Intranet

This site was created and is updated by CCSF library staff. Karen Saginor has created many very useful documents including step-by-step instructions for Acquisitions, Cataloging and Reserves. There is also information about location codes, performing an inventory, and Create Lists Help. Check it out at:

For the password, call us.

3. III Users Group

An international organization of member libraries that use III.

User Name: iug.
For password, call us.

a. The archives database is searchable by subject, and designed for users to look for other previous users’ discussions on III implementation issues, hardware, system management, online catalog and staff functions – Cataloging, Circulation, Acquisitions and Serials control:

b. To post a question or voice a concern about III functionality, send an email to:

c. To subscribe to the IUG listserv for the on-going discussions about the III system, click on:


Last update: 17 April 2012