About Us / Sobre Nosotros

Latina/o Services Network (LSN) offers bilingual (Spanish) and bicultural counseling services to City College of San Francisco students.  LSN is a network of programs, services and individuals dedicated to the success of Latinas/os at City College of San Francisco.

La Red de Servicios Para Latinos patrocina servicios bilingües
y biculturales para los estudiantes latinos.

Our services / Nuestro Servicios

  • The Service Center
  • The C.L.A.S.S. Project
  • LSN Partnerships
  • Support Groups
  • Counselors & Staff
  • Peer Advisors
  • Book Loan Program

LSN Logo
50 Phelan Ave • San Francisco, CA 94112 • Cloud Hall 364
Tel: 415-452-5335 • Fax: 415-452-5340


Resources / Recursos Mentoring Project Counselors and Staff Support / Apoyo
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