Study Skills Sites for Students
CCSF Learning Assistance Center - favorite study skills websites
Prentice Hall Student Success Site - improving study, research, and test-taking skills
National University of Singapore - comprehensive study skills site
Lane Community College - study tips index
California Virtual Campus - using study strategies
Utah State University Academic Resource Center - printable study skills guides for students
Oklahoma State University - College Prep 101: helping students prepare for college
Surfaquarium - mutiple intelligences inventory for student self-assessment
Gulf Islands Secondary - learning styles questionnaires and study skills self help
Virginia Tech - study skills self-help information and online workshops
University of St. Thomas - study guides and strategies
    - critical thinking strategies
    - using the scientific method for problem solving
University of Illinois, Chicago - tips for student success
Columbia University - study skills and links
Louisiana State University Center for Academic Success - attitudes, behavior, and committment (ppt document download)
Middle Tennessee State University - learning strategies for success
Chemeketa Community College - study skills resources for students
Studenthub - a collection of study skills resources
Ohio University - general study tips for students
Muskingum College - learning strategies database
Biola University - using mnemonic devices
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - dealing with test anxiety
ARC: Academic Resource Core - links for tutorials and other resources in various academic subjects
Virginia Polytechnic Institute - a self-help page of study skills links including online mini-workshops
Merriam-Webster online dictionary and thesaurus
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