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Research: Articles and research pertaining to best practices in basic skills and developmental education.
CCSF Resources
CCSF Office of Research, Planning and Grants - Transitional Studies Department reports on student success in the basic skills programs at City College
CCSF Office of Research, Planning and Grants - links, articles, books, periodicals, and presentations on student learning outcomes
Searchable Databases and Bilbliographies
ERIC: Educational Resources Info Center - comprehensive, easy-to-use, searchable, Internet-based bibliographic and full-text database of education research
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges - a searchable database of research papers on a variety of teaching topics /
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement in Teaching - downloadable papers, articles and reports on a variety of topics related to the improvement of teaching and learning.
California Research and Planning Group Center for Student Success - case studies of California community college programs and practices promoting student success
The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development - extracts from publications on the application of research on student learning to the enhancement of teaching, assessment and curriculum design
League for Innovation in the Community College - a variety of articles on strategies that support learning
Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice - a bibliography of recent papers on cultural competence
The Center for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (GSU) - explorations on the development of instructional skills, reflection on current instructional practices, implementation of teaching innovations, and use of emerging technologies
Center for Student Success - findings on effective practices developed by California community college practitioners
IJournal- Insight into Student Services - A Review of Published Research & News in collaboration with CCSO Research and Planning Group
CompPile - an ongoing inventory of publications in post-secondary composition, rhetoric, and ESL
Center for Cultural Design: Journal of Mathematics and Culture - peer reviewed papers on ethnomathematics
Math Forum - Mathematics and Motivation - an annotated bibliography including online abstracts
National Center for Postsecondary Improvement - database of the center's publications
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) - learning and literacy research links
Specific Articles and Abstracts
Boylan, Hunter & Saxon, Patrick : What Works in Remediation: Lessons from 30 Years of Research
Cortright, Collins, et al.: Student Retention of Content is Increased by Collaborative Group Testing
Cotton, Kathleen: Instructional Reinforcement - research on the use of reinforcement to stimulate learning
Curry, Schmitt & Waldron: A Framework for Adult Numeracy Standards
Erlbaum, Lawrence Review of Adult Learning and Literacy - a NCSALL project
Felder, Richard: Reaching the Second Tier: Learning and Teaching Styles in College Science Education - a paper on reaching those students who have the intention and the ability to major in science but switch to nonscientific fields
Grow, Gerald: Writing and Multiple Intelligences - applying the theory of multiple intelligences to writing instruction
Kearsley, Greg: Explorations in Learning & Instruction - The Theory Into Practice Database
Kellogg, Karen: Collaboration - Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Working Together To Promote Student Learning
Lumsden, Linda: Motivating Today's Students - The Same Old Stuff Just Doesn't Work, perspectives on classroom practices that keep students engaged
Mazzeo, Raab & Alssid: Building Bridges to College and Careers - a study of contextualized basic skills programs at community colleges
Meader, Pamela: The Effects of Continuing Goal-Setting on Persistence in a Math Classroom
Oxford, Rebecca: Integrated Skills in the ESL/EFL Classroom - a concise argument in favor of integrated skills instruction in ESL.
Tinto, Vincent: Graduation Rate Outcomes - Student Success and the Construction of Inclusive Educational Communities
UNC Charlotte - a paper on the role of faculty in undergraduate retention efforts
Wilson, Cynthia: Basic Education Online - Providing High-Quality Courses as Open Educational Resources
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