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    LISTSERVS of interest to teachers of basic skills students
How to Subscribe to Most Listservs:    To subscribe to one of the discussion groups, send mail to the Listserv address on the right. Leave the subject heading blank, and in the body of the message type: Subscribe (Listserv Name) (Your First Name) (Your Last Name) ; press enter, then type "END".    Don't be afraid to experiment with listservs. Unsubscribing is as easy as subscribing. Some lists archive their discussion topics, so subject-specific discussion threads may be accessed.
AASNET-L - African American Student Network
AEDNET - adult education discussion list
AERA-J - The American Educational Research Association - postsecondary education
ALTLEARN - alternative approaches to learning discussion list
AMATYC - American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
ASSESS - assessment in higher education discussion list
CHATBACK - special education discussion list
CL - Cooperative Learning Discussion Group
CL_NEWS - Cooperative and Collaborative Learning Discussion Group
COLLABOR - discussions about cooperative learning topics
COMMCOLL - community college discussion list
EDSTYLE - discussion of educational styles
ERL-L - discussion group focusing on education research
FYE-LIST - first year experience discussion group
HORIZONS - Adult Education Journal
IECC - International E-Mail Classroom Connection - cultural exchange through e-mail
L-ACLRNG - active and collaborative learning list
LRNASST - learning assistance issues discussion list
LRNASST-L - listserv for developmental educators and learning assistance professionals
MATH-TEACH -listserv for the National Council of Teachers of Math
MULT-ED - multicultural education list
MULTC-ED - multicultural education discussions
MULTICULTURAL-ED - multicultural education list
NCEOA-L - Council for Opportunity Associations
PAL - peer-assisted learning discussion list
PMIC-PENGUIN - international cultural discussion for students
Problem Based Learning - discussion list for instructors interested in problem based learning
SLART-L - second language acquisition teaching
STARNET - students at risk discussion list
STLHE-L - teaching and learning in higher educaton discussion list
TAWL - discussion list for teaching whole language
TCC-L - teaching in the community college
TEACHEFT - teaching effectiveness discussion list
TRDEV-AUS - training and development list
TUTOR-L - listserv focusing on academic tutoring
VOCNET - vocational education discussion list

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